Explore the legendary Cantha region in Guild Wars 2: The Dragon’s End

About 500 years ago, a man named Shiro Taji brought the distant land of Cantha into submission. Driven by the fallen god Abaddon, he turned to forbidden art, slaughtered the emperor and devoured his soul. His defeat in that distant era was a costly victory, triggering a devastating magical catastrophe that changed everything from the birds to the trees, from the ocean itself to the emeralds.

The Fields Will Return Hundreds of Years Later, Playing the 2006 Villain battle faction, The second story chapter of the original game.throughout the event faction, Players and their comrades work to thwart Takachi’s efforts to resurrect himself and wreak havoc on the world. In the end, they succeeded.

Just a few short years later, Cantha closed its borders with the world. A lot has happened since then.

(Image credit: ArenaNet)

The Shire gained independence, killed their god of darkness and sparked an industrial revolution. Both the norn and the Asuras were driven from their ancestral homeland by the terrifying power of the ancient dragons. Sylvari was born, from the branches of the Pale Tree.Finally, the Contract Commander – the player character Guild Wars 2 – born in.