Express yourself with a display name

Now there’s a whole new way to express your identity with Roblox — by display name! These are a little different from your username.

username It’s unique to your account and prefixed with “@” so you can always identify someone uniquely. If your username is @ CoolCat43122, then @ CoolCat43122 is just you. The username helps you log in and find a specific person on the platform.

Display name is Absent It is unique and can be freely changed every 7 days. They will appear in places such as your profile, chat, search, list of people, or overhead of your avatar each time you visit the experience. If you do not set a display name, it defaults to the user name.

Display name setting

To change the display name:

  1. Go to yours account information..
  2. Find the Display Name and click the edit icon.
  3. Change the display name and click Save.
  4. Tada! There is a new display name.

Well most. Before displaying, there are some requirements that the display name must meet. Your display name:

  • Must pass through the text filter and be sure to meet Community rules..
  • It cannot match a username that belongs to a well-known user.
  • Must be 3 to 21 characters.
  • Only letters, numbers, and underscores should be included.
  • Can only be changed every 7 days.

that’s it! Enjoy this feature.

For more information on display names Support page.. Also, if you’re a creator trying to integrate display names into your experience, Forum post..