Ezra Miller takes a quick look back at the time travel turbulence of Flash movies

Barry Allen himself, Ezra Miller, introduced his highly anticipated personal film for the first time after the Justice League incident. He said that they don’t have a trailer to show, because the movie is still in production, but there is something to show fans, and he looks forward to the movie’s release later next year.

The brief tease begins with a big question surrounding many of the Flash’s biggest adventures: “Tell me something. You can go wherever you want, right? Any timeline. Any universe.” The Flash appeared in his childhood Outside of his home, we assume that this is the night his mother died unfortunately in order to change fate and save his mother’s life.

This story, called Flashpoint, is a cliché in DC comics and CW TV shows, but it is very important to the scope of Barry Allen’s power and responsibility, and because of the endless possibilities of time travel and alternation, time can be played in many ways String. Barry learned that no matter how noble behavior, it will have the greatest consequences, and will produce ripples over time. We saw the possible results of these actions. A bloody bat hood was lying on the floor, but another scene revealed another hood, possibly another Batman from another timeline. We have been in it for nearly 30 years. Didn’t even see the Chinese New Year on the big screen…Also, are there three Barry Allen in the Bat Cave?

The first glimpse is too short, I am glad to see more! Check out other major DC Fandome trailers, including the story trailers for “Suicide Squad: Killing the Justice League” and “Gotham Knight.” What do you think of the Flash’s quick teasing? What kind of time travel prank do you want to see Barry (or Barry) enter the theater? Let us know in the comments!