F1 2021 Preview: New stories, collaborative multiplayer careers and more

So the gravy train in Bahrain is over.

Spin on the build you’re working on F1 2021, When the game started the following month, it quickly became apparent that a lot of effort had to be put into setting up a Formula 1 car for the early season racetrack, which had always been in the top ten. F1 2020, I could even take the podium finish Bahrain International Circuit, But Difficulty is set to the late 90’s (mid 110) and uses the low-rated debut car for the game’s new My Team career mode.

The Bahrain International Circuit is a high-speed course that helps drivers upset in real life, but previous versions of Codemasters’ brilliant F1 racing series didn’t fully capture the real difficulty of the truck. When setting up my car, I always read that Saxil is a “rear wheel only” course. Spin out. In the video game, the Australian season opening track did a better job of imposing a backward limit request on me, but at the second event in Bahrain, the game’s brake assist was medium. Even when driving with traction control turned off, I rarely encountered them. ..

Raced several times in Bahrain for Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin F1 2021, I have my racing setup F1 2020 And it was wiped out on turn 12-gradually to the right of the uphill-every time. Then, using the game’s stock “balanced” setup, I easily moved the track, but It was much slower. Obviously, the rear wing needed a steeper angle. My 2020 setup was set faster because I was able to escape with less grip than last year. Over the last few years I felt like I was fooled by the game.

Lee Mather of Codemasters said: [rear wing] Up to one [the least downforce], And they were still able to get through the circuit without any problems. But now it’s obviously less aero and the tire edges are working, making it harder to handle the car in such a setting. “

This is all good. F1 2021 Despite opening tents to an increasingly curious audience, we are pursuing simulation quality. Mother, the F1 franchise director, appreciates the relationship between his studio and the F1 racing team. F1 racing teams are as interested in video games as racing enthusiasts.

“We recently had a really great meeting with one of the F1 teams. Their esports drivers and their actual drivers gave us feedback on setting up the cars for 2020 and 2019,” Mother said. “They basically said that there is probably one of the fastest setups on most circuits. But now it’s very difficult to identify, and it’s a bit more special skill. Research is needed on which is the best setting.

F1 2021 Will be launched in July with additional single player modes, some co-op multiplayer options for careers, and many other off-the-track and quality of life changes. But for most, if not all, of the last 13 years, core expectations from viewers who have followed it need to be further improved. Mother said those athletes would find more rugged but overcome challenges due to tires and handling, as I did with the Sakhir Grand Prix.

“Tire wear is like a” cliff “where a driver falls when a worn set goes from sufficient grip to near zero,” said Mother. “But it makes the car feel more agile and bolder.

“We’ve actually grown our physics team over the last 12 months,” Mather added. This means that the team does not have to choose between repetitive improvements to the game’s core system and flashy new additions such as story mode and racing team customization.

Last week’s preview build didn’t include the appearance of brake points or the new collaborative / competitive options available in Career mode. These are probably features that are sold with two default settings. F1 2021But it showed a structure and gameplay loop that supported and improved almost everything I’ve seen over hundreds of hours. F1 2020Includes a whirlpool of time spent all that is a career in F1 video games.

Not only to F1 2021 With a second, deeper narrative mode called Brake Points, a custom team career called My Team is back to take advantage of game-wide changes to car development and pre-race practice. For those who want to play as their own drivers instead of Braking Point’s Aiden Jackson or My Team’s fictional team director, in standard career mode, players team up with other human players in the same F1 season. You can team up and compete.

“This is something we’ve been looking forward to for a while,” Mother said at a press preview event last week. “This brings out all the cool features we’ve brought to our careers in the single-player experience we’ve had in previous games, so we develop rivalry between drivers, you and the media, and cars. What to do-all of this will be rolled out as part of the two-person career that the fan base has been really looking for for some time. “

Players can enter the careers of two players as teammates of the same real-life F1 team or as competitors of another team. Few sports games have the same career as other human players at the same time. In fact, I can’t think of anything like that. But in career mode, where experienced players find it easy to score at every event, even the toughest AI on the back-of-the-pack racing team is challenged by skilled human rivals. A season that reinforces both the new stories that emerge from their challenges.

The previously teased brake point is a much longer story than the 3-race Formula 2 “Taster” experience. F1 2019Mother said the players would “go on a journey from Formula 2 to Formula 1 in 2020 before moving on to Formula 1 in 2021.

“Don’t we want to do more of the character side of things because we believe F1 is built on it?” Mother said. He and Codemasters hope to get the mainstream attention to F1 racing, especially here in the United States. The acclaimed Netflix series Drive to survive, The third season premiered in March. “I think this is one of the biggest contributors to why the sport is so popular in a wide range of demographics.”

Mother states that much of the story and most of the scenes at the brake points were previously written and filmed. Drive to survive It was a Netflix breakout hit. According to Mother, the plan was to wait a year after introducing Story Mode, allowing the team to focus on implementing My Team in 2020, and then revisit it. With this, Codemasters will analyze the reaction of fans to the characters introduced in 2019, and cynical rival Devon Butler will play a big role in the braking point for that very reason.

“I wanted to do more of the character side,” said Lee Mather, director of the F1 franchise. “It’s probably the biggest contributor to why the sport is so popular in a wide range of demographics. I think it’s one. ”Fan favorites like McLaren’s Lando Norris (above) certainly helped.
Image: Codemasters / Electronic Arts

“We were really happy with how people got to know Devon,” Mother said. “We’ve always said we want to cast someone with the face you want to punch, and the guy who screamed [Daniel Ben Zenou] And the one who captured the motion [Adam Sanderson], Both have completely nailed the performance. … Being a strong, noteworthy, and iconic person can sometimes be liked. And Devon certainly does.rear 2019 Came out, people were creating Fake twitter account Even for him “

F1 2021 Will be released on July 16, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Mather promises that the game will contain far more than the small slice previews we’ve had in the last two weeks. With fun customization options that allow users to immerse themselves in the world of F1 Team Principals, My Team gets even more on their second go-around, including decals on the edges of protective halos.

That said, three of the trucks — Imola, Italy. Portimao (Portugal) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) — must be added as free post-release content. Two of these events (Imora and Portimao) are already racing in real life, so players on the first day of their career will not be able to include them in their calendar. F1 2021 It has the option of simply choosing where the current actual schedule is located and reflecting the actual results and driver performance in the state of the season.

“The advantage of Real Season Start is that you can insert new tracks into your calendar as they are released,” says Mother. It’s not optimal, but to be fair to Codemasters, it took months (within a year) to build an in-game race course, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, Imola and Portimao were in F1. Last minute added to the actual calendar. Therefore, the Shanghai International Circuit in China will also appear. F1 2021 Despite the fact that this year’s Chinese Grand Prix was cancelled.