F1 22 Review | PC Gamers

need to know

what is it? The latest in a series of excellent racing cars officially licensed by Codemasters.
expect to pay $60/£50
release date July 1, 2022
developer Code Master
Publisher Electronic Arts
audit date NVIDIA RTX 2070, 16GB RAM, Intel Core i7 @ 2.6GHz
multiplayer game? Yes
association Official website (opens in new tab)

F1 is back in vogue thanks to the Hamilton/Verstappen controversy over last year’s finale, Netflix’s Drive to Survive documentary series and tighter racing due to sweeping changes to the rules. Before the midpoint of the season, each team managed to clinch championship points. Picking any of these angles would be a great place to start a racing game. So why did F1 22 focus on soft furnishings in the first place?

Excellent. Remember the “live your life” spirit of F1 2010? The game comes to its logical conclusion, giving your multimillionaire avatar a whole new living space that you can instantly pair with furniture, wall hangings, and the damn soft furniture of your choice. Other players can visit your space online to admire your race trophies, supercar collection and lighting of choice. It’s not very interactive, though. You can only swipe between left and right rooms, not move around in the new residence, and the cosmetic options are very limited. It’s also worryingly geared towards microtransactions, as you can buy “Pitcoins” (groaning) with real money to buy everything.

(Image credit: EA)

But did someone say “supercar series”? Yes, for the first time in the series, the game allows you to collect supercars and display them in your living room to cement your status as having more money than you need. Still, you can see the appeal. There were some real beauties to choose from from the start, including the gorgeous Ferrari F8 Tributo and the rather sleek McLaren 720S.