F9 Preview: How fast and furious is the new movie?

F9The latest in the Fast & Furious series, is coming soon after a much longer wait than expected.Universal delay F9 At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became one of the first blockbusters to be delayed afterwards.Now the studio is preparing to make F9 One of the first blockbuster releases to welcome us back to the cinema on June 25th as the studios start sending their biggest movie back to the biggest screen.

Unfortunately, F9 You may test the loyalty of your family. We’ve watched the movie, and before our official review, here’s a spoilerless explanation of the movie setup and what it means for the future of the fast family.

Who is your family now?

The Fast Family is the smallest ever. After spinning off Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Shaw (Jason Statham) in their respective films Hobbes & ShowThe gang is currently mainly married couples Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Letty Ortiz (Michel Rodriguez), and fellow Romans (Tyrese Gibson) and Tez (Chris Bridges). It has been constructed.Ramsey (Natalie Emmanuel), a hacktivist who joined the team Furious 7, Closing the main crew.

The lack of Hobbes and Shaw (the two characters whose charisma is the greatest muscle of all) leaves a big gap. F9 Try to get back and fill old characters like “dead” Han (Song Kang) Fast & Furious 6, And introduce some new ones. But it feels like a party that everyone knows about going out for snacks, and everyone is starting to realize that they don’t have much in common.

Why do they have to be furious?

Photo: Giles Keyte / Universal Pictures

Dom’s secret brother Jacob (John Cena) appears and is trying to access Ares, a cyber whatsit that can control “everything with an operating system.” Initially placed on the trail by an ambiguous transmission from the missing government agency Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), when Jacob appears, the hunt becomes personal for Dom, And through the film, we learn why we’ve never heard of him, and what happened between the two men years ago.

Why do they have to be fast?

Because Jacob is a master of thieves and assassins who drive “like a bat in hell.” The man basically runs his own blackwater, and a small army equipped with tactical weapons and attacking vehicles is as many ridiculous as you can see.

By comparison, Dominic Toretto has a Dodge Charger and five shirts, so good luck to Jacob.

Does it feel like a fast movie?

not really. The Fast franchise denies how much it was lost due to the death of former series star Paul Walker in 2013. Wild speed 7, His last movie F9 Dominic Toretto is the centerpiece of the franchise and the glue that holds the fast family together. Frankly, I don’t buy it.

Walker as Brian O’Conner had a sweetness that the film could never make up for, and he felt more like a normal man than any other member of the cast.He grounded a movie that was ridiculous long ago Wild speed 7. He was one who didn’t feel like a superhuman hacker or a muscular wall.He was just the man who drove Really Well, and who wanted a normal life? The rest of the gang is mainly characterized by a skill set that attracts them to a dangerous career.It’s almost rude for Romans to make running jokes F9 How they must be invincible after their crazy mission left them a single scar.

Where are we going now? Did we really go to space?

Tage and Roman on a rocket-propelled Pontiac try to head into outer space.

Image: Universal Pictures

Yes, the trailer is not fake. There’s space in this movie, and it’s hard to feel that things could get bigger without freezing everyone for 100 years and competing for fast gangs. Mad maxStyle apocalyptic Death Race.

F9 Is a movie that shows the limits of this franchise, and despite efforts to lampshade the turmoil of reality by joking about immortality and violating the laws of physics, the 2 hour 20 minute movie is burdensome. Too much here.Seeing it brings whiplash during franchise-like absurdities should You have to play around (it’s no joke to say that magnets are the most important addition to the Fast family) and keep it away. (Space-related things will probably split.)

More than anything, F9 I longed for a simpler era. Fast movies meant that when I said it was about my family. There was usually a love story, or a serious expression of the feelings of friendship and brotherhood.But the most unpleasant of all, and probably the one that hurts F9 In most cases this is a movie with no one and absolutely no one nobodyThank God for the fast car.

F9 It will premiere only in theaters on June 25th.