Fall For Indies: Steam Next Fest and release in early October

In October, an autumn festival was held for indie game fans, because Steam’s Next Fest is currently running and provides a large number of free short game demos. Formerly known as the Steam Game Festival, this PC-friendly event has hundreds of games, enough to keep you busy in the 7-day game, even close to overwhelming. But don’t worry about the cold reality of indecision; you can take comfort from our advice. Although Steam Next Fest only lasts until October 7, there are still a large number of complete independent game releases that are worth looking forward to in the first half of this month.

Jump on the hay cart; we go to the festival

At the Steam Carnival this week, rich hospitality awaits players. One of the most anticipated games among indie games, Tunic, provides a demo for those who missed it in the summer. But the newcomers on the scene also attended and prepared to let players experience the gameplay for free, such as Lil Gator Game. New or old, familiar or little known, here is a list of demos you should not miss.


The action-adventure game Tunic, similar to Zelda, will be offering a free hands-on experience on Steam this week for anyone interested in fighting monsters and navigating the dungeon as a brave, sword-wielding fox. The team refers to it as the “2021 Demo”, so if you capture it during the Xbox Summer Game Festival or the Indie Arena Online event, there won’t be any new content. However, in a game full of secrets, this demo may still bring some surprises to those who have played it before, and is a must-play for those who have not tried it.

Little Crocodile Game

Only released two weeks ago, MegaWobble’s Lil Gator game was top of the list of demos we tried. According to its creators, the game will let you “play cardboard villains, climb mountain peaks, slide, throw and ragdolls while discovering new ways to approach your surroundings.” Collect art and handicraft supplies, create all kinds of good things, and see the prosperity of the park. “If a game that combines A Short Hike and Zelda sounds good, then don’t miss the opportunity to check out Lil Gator Game this week.

The last campfire

Although Steam Next Fest tends to highlight games that have not yet been released, it seems that the organizers have made an exception for Hello Games’ The Last Campfire. The team behind No Man’s Sky launched this puzzle-focused game on consoles last year, and only released an update a few months ago. But on October 7, at the end of the event full of demos, “The Last Campfire” will be fully unveiled on Steam. If you check the demo, you will find yourself in an atmospheric world in which you will play Ember, a little soul that can inspire hope in those around you. You will travel level by level, discover those in need and help them by overcoming various puzzle-based challenges.

Aztec forgotten gods

Although the Greek and Nordic pantheons may be all the rage right now, Aztech Forgotten Gods is delving into the equally cool but not very popular mythological material. This Mesoamerican-style story was first shown in Nintendo’s April Indie World demo, and this week is the first time I have the opportunity to experience this action. Playing as Achtli, you will explore a world described by developers as a network gem. This is the combination of Aztec tradition and future technology. Her goal is to use her own powerful artifact to challenge the gods.


According to developer Daniel Mullins Games, Inscryption combines these three elements: “deckbuilding roguelike, escape room-style puzzles, and psychological horror.” This description and the support of the well-known independent publisher Devolver Digital, with its unusual title Known well, makes this demo worth seeing. The current free game examples on Steam may help players understand the real-time actions of Inscryption, but be cautious. The road of exploration is destined to be disturbing.

beautiful life

Only a few weeks have passed since White Owls Inc., led by Deadly Premonition director Swery65, revealed the long-awaited independent release date. You can now play a photography-centric, debt-paying RPG demo on Steam Next Fest, and then it will be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One (via Game Pass) and PC on October 15. As a debt-ridden reporter Naomi Hayward, you come to Rainy Woods, hoping to make some money and discover the big secrets of the town. And this secret may just have to do with everyone being able to become a cat and a dog. Just a guess. In addition to jumping into the cat’s body, the team stated that “Good Life” will allow players to “cook, eat, sleep, shop, farm and explore the town, taking on photography and other more “unconventional” tasks.”


When you can play two, who will play only one fox-centric demo? Endling has a brand new gameplay. You will play as a mother fox and protect her fluffy little fox offspring. Unfortunately, in this 3D horizontal scrolling world, it is not easy to protect your cubs. In this world, dangers such as human and environmental damage are lurking in every corner. Because you and your family represent the last known foxes on the planet, the failure of your mission will have consequences that go far beyond personal tragedy.

Snuggle by the fire with these upcoming releases

Spend some time in early October to catch up with all the great indie games before the scarier half of the month begins.


PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

The retro-style first-person shooter Exophobia exudes some early apocalyptic vibes, so if this is your jam, you might want to check out this early October gem. The protagonist of the game had a terrible day. He woke up in a hostile maze-like spaceship filled with alien soldiers who wanted to kill any intruders. Fortunately, you have your own shooting, sprinting and amazing skills to avoid annihilation. You can even find a room where you can upgrade your weapons in the chaos, which is very convenient. Exophobia will be released on October 5.

The art of rallying

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

PlayStation users, please start your engine, because “The Art of Rallying” will land on the Sony platform for the first time on October 6. After other game console players have supported its retro-style wheels for months and PC fans for nearly a year, the independent driving craze has finally come to PlayStation. Art of Rally will take you across 60 levels of various countries, all of which are to experience the thrill of competition in career mode. You can also capture the extraordinary artistic style and the best high-speed action of the game through the photo and replay mode.

Moonlight Bay

Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

Moonglow Bay tells the story of anglers on the eastern coast of Canada in the 1980s. Although this game is expected to become a “relaxing and vibrant fishing RPG”, its story may dazzle you. Before your partner dies, you promise to continue your business, but despite your best efforts, bankruptcy seems to be just around the corner. To avoid this fate and keep your promise, you go fishing. Your aquarium trophy will inspire saleable recipes and help you improve your store and trading tools. If you feel you need help, the game provides local cooperation, so you can let your friends join when you log in to the Xbox console via Game Pass and PC on October 7.

Travel notes

personal computer

After the August delay, “Book of Travel” is ready to enter Steam Early Access on October 11. Jumping in at this early stage gives you access to Chapter 0, which the developer Might and Delight describes as the first season of the game in progress. This will last for two years, and it will be in the early access stage. If you have not seen this unique “TMORPG”-“T” stands for tiny-this is the basic premise. You enter an online world with beautiful countryside and vibrant towns, where meeting people is rare. The game is designed to provide a relaxing, player-driven experience.

Monster crown

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

We’ve been following this game since it entered Early Access last summer, but now it’s time to take a look at what the full game has to offer. Monster Crown similar to Pokémon will be launched on October 12. Pokémon fans are looking forward to this fall. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be launched in November. However, if you need to fight, capture and train cute creatures to your heart’s content before that, then Monster Crown may be your choice. You can view the early access trailer for RPG here to better understand what will happen.

Bliss Disco: Final Edit

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, PC

In the 2019 Game Awards, Elysium Disco won more trophies than any other nominee, independent game or AAA. It scored 9 points in our review. It has appeared in the list of the best RPGs we play now. Now, the game’s Final Cut will be available on Xbox consoles and Switch on October 12, giving everyone a chance to play. ZA/UM’s desktop-inspired complex adventure mission allows you to solve a murder case. However, as you immediately discovered, you may not be the best that your institution can provide. This discovery benefited from the huge writing of the game, which was fully dubbed in The Final Cut.

Ori: Collection

Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, PC

The composition of indie games is an ongoing discussion, and Ori games fall into the gray area because its developer Moon Studios has produced two entries in the series with the support of what is now called Xbox Game Studios. But it is difficult to remove this little furball spirit from our independent lives, especially when Ori: The Collection will launch Switch on October 12. This set includes Ori and Blind Forest: Definitive Edition and the Will of Ori and Wisps. The second entry of this beautiful franchise has earned a place in our current list of best action games, and soon you can take it with you.

Rift destroyer

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

Xbox Game Pass will be launched on October 14. The Riftbreaker is an action role-playing game with real-time strategic base construction, survival and tower defense elements. In addition to all the delightful genre blending actions, you can also jump into the cockpit of a cool-looking mech suit as Captain Ashley Novak. Ultimately, your task is to live long enough in a hostile alien environment by gathering resources, upgrading defenses, and protecting your residence, so that you can learn how to build a transport vehicle that will send you back to Earth.

There are some big and small games in the second half of this month, and we are happy to introduce them all in the next Fall For Indies. What to expect? Shout out in the comments! If you need more indie games in your life, please don’t forget to check out the game summary that we launched at the beginning of the fall and click on the goose below to get more list content.