Fallen London June update returns to Sunless Sea settings

Fallen londonA popular role-playing browser game, has diverged over the last decade and has done a lot of experimentation. This includes creating a stand-alone spin-off game that looks like this: Sunless Sea, The sky without the sun, And the upcoming love simulator. Flagship games continue to perform well, and developer Failbetter Games shares news about updates, including more port-related content research, for all sailing fans out there. Players also appear to be getting some content and story follow-ups from Quest Hubs located on islands and harbors. Sunless Sea..

Gee, called by the ocean, or Fallen London fiction, is not a popular feature today. In anticipation of the next big content arc called Zeefarer, developers will make many changes to the nautical mechanics to make things nice and smooth.

Zeefarer is the next cycle of Fallen London’s renewal, “including several new ports that can be visited by boat, each with its own story and activity.”

Failbetter shared a little more information about what players can expect from Zeefarer. news release:

We are excited to go back to Antergy and explore those places from a different perspective. Explore Unterzee in Fallen London and you’ll be told stories that Sunless Sea couldn’t tell.

Zeefarer’s first destination is Khanate.The Khanate you meet is a little different from what you might remember Sunless Sea – It’s been a few years.

Khanate is a city comparable to London in beauty, power and wonder. It is almost always the place where deep shadows are banished by lamps. It’s a gem that all the power of Nice knows, but it can’t hold it perfectly. Like London, it’s one of the battlefields of the Great Game. And if you want to visit, you’ll have to bet something and sit at the table.

Khanate is a port aimed at giving endgame players a new reason to go to zee. It is the most interesting for those who have access to Balmoral. But in the future, expect to mix more midgame content along with new endgame locations. For now, you can enjoy a new sailing experience without the need for advanced railroads. And Unterzee is the sea, not the railroad. We expect to be able to visit the new zee ports more or less in any order.

Zeefarer will be available on June 24th with changes to the zee navigation system. Additional Zeefarer updates will be released over the next few months.