Fallout 4 mod replaces Pip-Boy with small diary

Vault Dwellers are easy to spot in the Badlands – just look for the big, bulky computers strapped to their forearms. However, if you’ve played Fallout 4 a few times and want to see something different when looking at the map or organizing your inventory, or if you want to play a character who never lived in a shelter, here’s a fun new options.

Instead of clipping the Pip-Boy to your arm, Dear Pip Boy Mod Replace the familiar PC with a small handheld journal. Rather than poke buttons to access different parts of the menu, Diary has pages you can flip through. Small handwritten labels for statistics, inventories, data and maps make it feel like a small paper journal rather than a computer, and you might tuck it in your back pocket when you’re not holding it. Of course, the paper diary still functions the same as your Pip-Boy, with animations on the Vault Boy and other elements of the menu.