Fallout 76 is now free until October 25

If you keep sitting on the fence Fallout 76, And you happen to be an Xbox Live Gold member or Games Pass Ultimate member, you can join for free and start playing until Monday.

From now until October 25th, Xbox console users can play nada. If you like the game you experience, you can buy it later and enjoy discounts. After purchase, all your progress will be carried forward, allowing you to jump back immediately and continue playing.

PC players who want to get a free weekend can do so through Bethesda launcher, Steam or Xbox Play Anywhere version of the game.

From now to November 2, those who run around Appalachia in Fallout 76 will be able to participate in some creepy fun. Celebrate halloween, You are likely to meet Scorched in a costume, who will drop good things when defeated. You can also distribute candies from CAMP. To do this, receive a free Spooky Candy Bowl from Atomic Shop, put it in your CAMP, and fill it with mysterious candies, so that trick-or-treating people can complete the challenge and earn award.

Like other players, you can also play “Trick or Treat” near Appalachia like a kid, collect mysterious candies from other players’ camps, and get the above-mentioned additional challenge rewards.

Finally, the game celebrates Bombs Drop Day by offering Fallout games at discounted prices.In this case, Fallout 76 will receive a 75% discount before October 26 Via Xbox Store with On the computer. In-game items will be on sale before October 25, with Scrip Surplus and up to 50% discount on Purveyor items. Atoms will also be on sale before October 25, allowing you to save some money to spend some cash on new clothes and armor, CAMP items, emoticons, etc.