Fallout 76’s battle royale mode nuclear winter is about to end

Nuclear winter, Fallout 76 Battle Royale mode is saying goodbye. This mode will be completely removed with the September update. According to Bethesda’s official post.. According to the company, this mode has proven not to be popular enough to justify its inclusion, and Bethesda will prioritize the adventure mode of the game.

This proves somewhat Controversial decisions about the segment of Fallout 76 Player base, Because Nuclear Winter was the only PvP game mode supported. Survival, a version of the game focused on Appalachia’s open world PvP, the main map of the game, also set in March 2019.

Bethesda states that much of the decision-making process was the inability to fill the lobby immediately. “It’s also harder to put together a complete nuclear winter lobby without sacrificing match wait times,” the post reads.

In a community post, Bethesda wrote:

I’m sure some of you are very enthusiastic about nuclear winter, but this news can be disappointing. Ending support for Mode was a difficult decision, not a light decision for us. We’re still working to provide a way for PVP combat for those who enjoy playing against other former Vault Dwellers, and a little later this year, how to give players more ways to play Fallout 76. Release details. , We will compensate everyone who participated in Nuclear Winter, from those who participated in only one match to the most combative supervisors.

“I like NW, but I can’t put zero effort into the game mode and I can’t expect to maintain a player base,” one player wrote in the game’s subreddit. .. “The two maps are very old and now boring. For a very long time there was no new or limited time reward. There is no reward after level 100. Hackers are still rampant on PC. A terrible gouache shotgun is about the same. It’s bad for a hacker, but building / blueprinting a CAMP should be a more viable playstyle. ”

Even role players suffer from a lack of PvP combat. If the game system doesn’t allow it, it’s difficult to fight within the character. I still don’t know what Bethesda will add Fallout 76 In the case of PvP combat, players who participate in Nuclear Winter will earn in-game rewards to make up for them.