Familiar Tales is a new board game from the creators of Mice & Mystics

Familiar story It’s the next board game by designer Jerry Hawthorne, the creator of the beloved game Rat and mystic. Polygon exclusively showcases the new game and allows you to see the components for the first time. pre order It is now live on the Plaid Hat Games website and is expected to be delivered in January 2022.

like Fill the fable, We previewed on Gen Con in 2017, Familiar story It is a family-friendly adventure that everyone can enjoy. Like the previous game, it uses a novel game system, and all actions take place in the storybook. The player opens the ring-bound book and lays it flat on the table, places their miniature model directly above, and then starts to work. It also has supporting applications.

Familiar story The story takes place in the land of Principalia, where evil forces hide the ruling human family. The player plays the role of a magic messenger, adventuring in a fantasy landscape. Their goal is to send the baby princess to a safe place.

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This time the focus is on branching narrative paths that span multiple chapters. According to the publisher, your decision in one chapter will determine the development of the next chapter. The game also has multiple eras, with new components in a sealed box. Look forward to the intersection between modern role-playing games and similar traditional, evolving gaming experiences.

The main character of the game sounds absolutely delightful. These four were created by a wizard named Master Merilius, who created them to help him in his daily work. Flicker is a Candletinder fairy who is responsible for keeping the lights on, while Chalk the golem is responsible for the manual labor. Blaze is described as a “vixie” and helps wizards to eat. Meanwhile, Gribert the Frog was once a human—a notorious robber, in fact—cursed irreversibly by a witch.

Baby. Size: small. Carrying: When family members who share the space with the baby perform mobile actions, they can choose to carry (move) the baby with them.

The game includes custom dice. The protagonist, initially only called a baby, has multiple models to represent her growth during the campaign.
Photo: Checkered Hat Game

Players will also prepare a sideboard for their character, which they will use to track remaining health and other statistics needed to play the game.All the actions of the game will be handled by a unique deck of cards, unlike this Under Harbor, And will also evolve and change over time. The game also has a powerful production mechanism, players can use resources collected from the enemy and foraging in the wild to make weapons and equipment.

Plaid Hat Games was founded by Colby Dauch in 2009, but was acquired by a larger publisher in the 2010s.Since the company has re-acquire Through Dauch, it is completely independent again and releases its own game.The directory contains the newly revised version Summoner War And the award-winning Forgotten waters. Both Rat and mystic with Fill the fable Published by Asmodee.

Familiar story

The price at the time of publication.

• 1-4 players

• Game type: adventure game

• Category: cooperative games, family games, hand management, battle games

• Similar games: Rat and mystic, Fill the fable