Far Cry 6 beginner’s guide, tips and tricks

Open world gameplay Far Cry 6 It is not much different from its predecessors, but there are many new things to explore. Both newcomers and veterans should understand some of the systems in the latest game.

At this far cry 6 A beginner’s guide, we will give you tips and tricks to make you the best guerrilla. This guide will teach you about weapon modification, why you should use different Supremos and Resolver weapons, how to use your Amigos, and exploration strategies.


How to change your rate of fire

Although guns like shotguns and sniper rifles have a predictable rate of fire, other guns can change the number of bullets they fire with each trigger pull. Knowing how to change the rate of fire can greatly change the way certain guns are handled, allowing you to modify them to your liking.

On PlayStation, you can press Square to change the rate of fire
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via polygon

To change your rate of fire, call up your Weapon wheel. When highlighting certain weapons (such as rifles), you will see The white button in the center of the screen prompts Below the ammunition type. Pressing the highlighted button or key will cycle through the different fire rates available for the weapon. For example, some rifles can fire single rounds, three rounds, or switch to fully automatic firing every time the trigger is pulled.

How to get more Supremo and Resolver weapons

Supremo and Resolver weapons can give you an advantage in battle. However, unlike other guns you find in Yara, these two weapon types are not easy to obtain.

As part of the game progression system, you must upgrade to unlock new Supremo and Resolver weapon productions. When you complete the mission, you will gain experience points that help your character level. With each new level, you can make a new set of Supremo and Resolver weapons.

The Resolver weapon screen in Far Cry 6

Ranking allows you to get better weapons
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Unlike other games, these games will provide you with new abilities and powers as you level up, Far Cry 6 Allows you to use the new Supremo and Resolver weapons to increase your power. Making new Supremo and Resolver weapons requires you to visit Juan at your main base, or you can find one of his arms dealers at any base you liberate.These powerful weapons do require a lot of Depleted Uranium Make props obtained by completing important tasks.

Don’t forget your friends and their abilities

Friends are Far Cry 6 It is an animal companion who helps you in battle. Everyone specializes in a unique way, so as you recruit more, you can use them in different scenarios.

Although each Amigo has a direct utility in combat, they can also gain abilities over time. Most of their new talents will be passively unlocked when you use them, while other talents require your input.

Information screen of Amigo Guapo in Far Cry 6

The more you use, the stronger your friends
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via polygon

For example, your first friend Guabo can gain their first ability after being resurrected five times, and their third ability requires you to order them to knock down 50 targets.

Each Amigo has different requirements to unlock new abilities. You can check their progress by going to the main menu> friends menu> highlight the companion you want to check> and then press the details button. In this menu, you can read the main talents of each Amigo and the requirements and progress for unlocking their three additional abilities.

Follow the smoke to steal the supply drop

While navigating Far Cry 6A paradise on Yarra Island, you might see smoke on the horizon. If you encounter billowing orange and yellow smoke, walk towards it. You will be rewarded.

Decline in smoking in Far Cry 6

Steal these supply drops as much as possible
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via polygon

Where there is smoke Supply drop You can steal. These resource containers drop randomly, but you can also learn about them through in-game notes or word of mouth. Either way, declining supply is a good way to easily accumulate production resources.

If you stumble upon a random drop in supply, chances are it will not be protected. In this case, plunder it freely. If you want to get supplies learned through notes or other characters, you may need to fight for resources. Some supply drops are located in small bases, while other supply drops may be falling somewhere on the island. In the latter case, you must compete for the loot before the enemy forces do it.

Talk to the people you save

Whenever you liberate a base or checkpoint, friendly liberator forces will take over these locations. These areas not only become fast travel points and areas where you can get off the car, but you can also find tasks there.

Allies in Far Cry 6

New allies provide missions or supply locations
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via polygon

When walking around the new liberated area, be careful to occupy the friendly forces around you. Usually they will call you. Listen to them. These characters will remind you of supply or side missions that you can take part in. It is always worth paying attention to, because the short-term tasks they provide are a good way to collect more production resources or tasks to help you level up.

Build your camp

One of the first camps you can build Far Cry 6 It is the base of Montero Farm. Building new facilities on such camps allows you to acquire new items, new abilities, and game elements such as fishing.

To start building your camp, please contact foreman Bring up the construction desk menu.

Construction platform screen in Far Cry 6

New facilities open up new capabilities and resources
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via polygon

Camp facilities unlock new aspects of the game, you can upgrade them to further enhance your abilities Far Cry 6. You can build the following facilities in the camp:

  • this Hideout network Unlock now Wing suit And let you buy a hideout to set up a fast travel point.
  • A sort of Guerrilla garrison place Reconnaissance laptop Being in a vantage point helps you better scout the enemy base.
  • Create Fishing hut Unlock fishing spots…you guessed it: you can go fishing.
  • Configuration cellar Let you trade meat to create food Temporary gain.
  • Bandit Barracks Give you the ability to recruit new recruits Bandit action Passively help you obtain resources.
  • this hunter‘S cabin Unlock hunting spots and open stores specifically catered to hunt.

As you build new facilities, you can talk to the foreman to further enhance these buildings and unlock more upgrades and perks. For example, upgrading your hideout network will eventually allow you to spawn new vehicles at these smaller bases, or give you the option to charge your Supremo weapons when you enter.