Far Cry 6 best Supremo-The best Supremo for stealth, support and offense

The best Far Cry 6 Supremo can have a significant impact on some of Dani’s more difficult tasks.

You will rely on the best weapons in the game more often than Supremo, but you may create some flashy chaos while overthrowing the government.

Far Cry 6 best Supremo-How to use Supremos

Supremos is Dani’s ultimate weapon, used to store throwable items such as grenades and baseballs. No matter which Supremo you use, the available gadget modules remain the same. The real attraction lies in the special actions that each module has.

Supremos provides a series of methods to enhance your play style by filling characters you need special weapons. Some will emit EMP pulses, some will provide you with new ways to evade the enemy, and some will just make things explode in a more spectacular way than usual.

You can only use Supremo’s special actions after its meter is fully charged, and defeat the enemy to make it charge faster.

Far Cry 6 best Supremo-The best Supremo

Far Cry 6 has seven Supremos, five of which can be unlocked in Juan’s shop for purchase after you raise the guerrilla level high enough.


  • Perk: Launch a series of homing missiles
  • Obtained: given as part of the story

This is your first Supremo, but it is powerful enough to take you through the entire game. You can’t aim where the missile goes, but it doesn’t matter if you are going to invade FND bases or usually deal with any group of enemies.

It is enough to create chaos and target a few soldiers in the process-and enough to partially fill the meter again. Exterminador also aimed and shot down the helicopter. You will encounter these in several missions, many of which have no other way to deal with the threat.


  • Perk: Seeing enemies through solid objects
  • Obtained: Complete the Triada Blessings Yaran Story mission

You will encounter this mission in the early days of Isla Santuario, but you will not be able to complete it until you visit each of the three main areas of Yara to collect the Triada treasures there. One of the rewards is the rifle, which also allows you to shoot through solid objects, making this Supremo an ideal choice for stealth combat.


  • Perk: Trigger EMP pulse, knock down the enemy and disable electronic devices
  • Obtained: Reach level 3 and buy it in Juan’s shop

Volta won’t get any invisibility points, because the pulse will make a sound. However, disabling the alarm system and cameras will make base raids easier, and fewer waves of reinforcements can prevent them from becoming an ordeal.

If you want to upgrade your Supremo in Far Cry 6, you need a lot of uranium. No matter how peculiar and deadly you are, some tasks require covert and quick thinking instead of Supremos, including Rising Tide treasure hunt and Cache Money.