Far Cry 6 camp facilities-the best Far Cry 6 camp facilities and how to upgrade them

Far Cry 6 camp upgrades are more important than the game makes them sound.

After getting in touch with one of the other revolutionary groups on the Yarra continent, you will unlock camp upgrades, and you can choose to use metals and other materials to enhance the liberator’s abilities.

Far Cry 6 Camp Facilities-All Far Cry 6 camp facilities and their uses

Once you have established a camp, you will automatically enter the building counter. No matter which region you are in, the types of upgrades are the same, but each camp can only choose two facilities. Unlocking and upgrading each one requires metal, medicine or other scraps that can be found in Yara.

Far Cry 6 Camp Facilities

facility cost Influence
Hideout network 30 metal, 30 petrol Unlock fast travel locations throughout Yara
Bandit Barracks 40 medicine, 40 metal Unlock Bandidos missions, recruitment and equipment dealers
Guerrilla garrison 60 metal, 60 petrol Provide your guerrillas with better weapons and unlock laptops to scout the FND base
cellar 60 metal, 60 petrol Unlock the canteen, where you can cook and eat to gain benefits
Hunter’s Lodge 40 medicine, 40 metal Reveal hunting locations for finding rare animals, and provide buffs and equipment to make hunting easier
Fishing hut 40 medicine, 40 petrol New fishing points, buffs and equipment to make fishing easier

Far Cry 6 campsite facilities-the best Far Cry 6 campsite facilities

Not every facility is worthy of your materials. The first one you should buy and upgrade is the hideout. Far Cry 6 has no fast travel locations outside of a few important locations, and unlocking the hideout is the only way to change this.

Once you have an available hideout network, you can purchase multiple networks on Yara, including Esperanza and other places you haven’t visited. As you upgrade facilities, more open.

Bandidos barracks should be next on your list. By the time you arrive at your first camp, you should have recruited enough Bandidos for some missions. These are a convenient way to obtain new weapons and upgrade materials without having to find them yourself.

It is true that the rest of the camp facilities are not necessary. In most cases, I did not find a significant difference in the guerrilla garrison, unless you are determined to find every rare animal, otherwise hunting and fishing upgrades are redundant.

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