Far Cry 6 Cross with strange things and Rambo, let you control the villains of Far Cry from the past

The DLC of Far Cry 6 invites you into the minds of lunatics, reminding us why Rambo is great and turning to unexpected areas Strange things cross. Ubisoft shared new details of this exciting post-launch content and gave us a good idea of ​​our expectations (you can see it in the trailer above). After the release of “Far Cry 6” on October 7, players are expected to pass the battle. Ubisoft will release three DLC episodes, each of which allows you to control a villain that is different from the past in Far Cry.

The first episode is titled “Vaas: Madness” and takes you into the mind of Vaas Montenegro, the opponent of “Far Cry 3”. The second episode is called “Hearts: Control”, and has an in-depth understanding of the life of the heretic Min in Far Cry 4. The last episode of “Joseph: Crash” focuses on Far Cry 5’Joseph Seed. All these returning villains are voiced by the same actors in the core game. Ubisoft stated in a press release that each of these characters is “struggling to get rid of their own inner fears.”

These episodes are clearly designed to resemble rogue games, which Ubisoft calls the “retry after death” experience. You always start with a pistol and are forced to find new weapons and powers to make it further into the story.

These episodes are included in the season pass bundled with the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, and Collector’s Edition of Far Cry 6. Episode 1 was launched in November, episode 2 was released in January 2022, and episode 3 was two months later in March. The season pass can be purchased separately at a price of $39.99.

If you don’t want to pay for more content, three free cross-border missions are coming soon. One of the tasks is for actor Danny Trejo to collaborate with Far Cry 6 protagonist Dani Rojas. Next is the Rambo event, which is said to be designed to resemble an action movie from the 1980s.The final crossover event takes the player to Strange things‘Rescue operations are carried out upside down.

In addition to these cool side stories, Ubisoft also launched a weekly free rebellion event, prompting players to eliminate new threats on Yarra Island. After completing these tasks, new equipment updates will be provided. Six new special actions will also be released after the release, taking players to unique areas of the world where unstable chemicals are stored.

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