Far Cry 6 High Supply-How to find military supply drops

Far Cry 6 High Supply is one of many treasure hunt games that Dani can find in Yara, but the rewards make this game more attractive than most games.

You will get two Supremo-Bonds to complete the mission, which is essential if you want to sneak into Esperanza with the best equipment. The journey to the Lazonia region to the east of Madrugada begins.

Far Cry 6 High Supply-How to Start High Supply

High Supply takes you to a remote area in the Losania Mountains southeast of Mariposa Margot. There is an orange box at the foot of the mountain with a message telling you where the military landed. The trouble is actually mountain climbing.

Far Cry 6 High Supply-How to get military drops

Follow the path until you reach a dead end. There is a set of two grappling points and you will appear in the tunnel. Don’t try to cross the road. You need to use a set of climbing points that are easy to miss.

Cross and use your grappling hook to swing to the other side. Keep walking along the path until you reappear on the edge of the cliff. You will see an orange net covering the cliff in front of you. Shoot it to cause rock fall and show more climbing handlebars.

Walk towards them, go through the gap, and then climb up to grab the treasure.

You will get:

  • M16 A1 rifle
  • 2 Gunpowder
  • 2 Supremo-Bond
  • 150 experience

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