Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits-How to get Monedas and alpha animal meat

If you want the best weapons and the most powerful Supremos on the island, the Far Cry 6 industrial circuit is the rare item you need.

There are only two ways to obtain industrial circuits, and both require a lot of work.

Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuit-What is Industrial Circuit

You need industrial circuits for advanced Supremo and Resolver weapon upgrades. These upgrades are only available late in the game, but if you have one, it’s worth putting some Monedas aside. The Resolver weapon is one of the best weapons in the game. The correct Supremo can tell the difference between mission success and death.

Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits-Where to Get Industrial Circuits

Industrial circuits come from the black market in Lola or as a reward for trading alpha animal meat. Once you set up a camp in one of the three regions of Yarra, the black market will be unlocked, regardless of the region, it is the same inventory. Lola is marked with a green star, so it is easy to find her.

The problem is black market currency. Lola only accepts Monedas, so Yaran Pesos is useless here.

Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits-How to get Monedas in Far Cry 6

Lola will use Monedas to reward you for completing her special action. This is an online auxiliary activity. If there are too many single challenges, you can solve them together with others. Special operations is a simple task in which you can deal with specific enemy commanders and retrieve valuable items from one of two large maps.

The Insurgency mode of Far Cry 6 also provides you with Monedas, but this is not the best way to obtain industrial circuits. After completing the main battle, the rebellion will be unlocked. The new Far Cry 6 game plus is not yet a thing, so once the event is over, those upgraded Resolver weapons will not benefit you much.

Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuit-Where to Find Alpha Meat

Alpha meat comes from crocodiles, jaguars, and coyotes, but you can only use non-ballistic weapons such as bows and arrows. Anything else will destroy the meat, although you can upgrade your hunting lodge to gain a buff that negates this problem.

Industrial circuits are not the only rare item worth looking for in Far Cry 6. You need a lot of uranium and durable plastics” to fight Castillo‚Äôs army, although having the right work partner also helps.