Far Cry 6 introduces the first third person section of the series

First in the history of the series, Far Cry 6 Includes segments to play from a third party perspective. Ubisoft confirmed.

Far Cry is a first-person series. It was established with 5 games and 3 spin-offs. Ubisoft also experimented with a first-person perspective to get the most out of the series. Occasionally deployed to create compelling, immersive stories and gameplay beats, such as drug-induced hallucinations and agency hijacking.

However, everything is subject to change in Fary Cry 6. Game spotNavid Khavari, Narrative Director at Far Cry 6, explained why the company wants to take more advantage of third-party perspectives in its latest installment in its long-running series.

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“In cinematics, [third person] This was something the team tried early on and it felt amazingly seamless, “he said. “I immediately felt that there was more connection between the journey to the world of ticks and this epic story in Yarra.”

It also means that you have the opportunity to carve your customized character into the fictional Yara world and see how it blends (or doesn’t) into the environment.

“Players can also see character customizations with these highly realized story beats,” says Khavari. “At the guerrilla camp, this is also an opportunity for players to see fully customized characters, from backpacks to clothes.”

I’ve heard before that Ubisoft displayed Far Cry 6 on PS4 and Xbox One to avoid the Cyberpunk 2077 situation, and this time it’s actually a political game.

For more information on the game Ubisoft forward. Ubisoft showcase begins June 12, 12:00 pm (Pacific Time) / 3:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) / 8:00 pm (UK) / 9:00 pm (Central European Summer Time)You can also check out via. Cramps, Or Youtube.

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Far Cry 6 will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Stadia and Luna on October 7th.