Far Cry 6 offers third person mode throughout the game

In a recent Far Cry 6 study, Ubisoft gave some examples of how players seem to be able to change their perspective from first-person to third-person. Some fans were wondering if it was a real gameplay feature or a cutscene-specific one. Fortunately, Ubisoft has confirmed that third-person mode is not limited to just a small part of the game. The team wants to be able to fully explore the tick experience without any restrictions.

In a recent interview with Game spot, Narrative director Navid Khavari told the site that there were several different reasons for the decision to offer third-party options. One of the main reasons was to allow the team to experience Dani as completely as possible for the player. “In the movie, [third-person] This was an early attempt by the team and felt surprisingly seamless.

He added that this decision allows players to fully enjoy character customization and further immerse fans in this rebellious story. Players can switch to third-person perspective in guerrilla camps and certain combat situations. Keep in mind that this may help to emphasize Dani in a better way. This change in perspective can also be seen when the player is using the Supremo backpack. “At the moment of the Supremo backpack during gameplay, the third person perspective transition aims to allow the player to see all the effects of the backpack and better feel the actual impact. . “

According to the direction of the story, this decision allows the player to connect with the character and see the character not only in the eyes but also in the world of Yarra.

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What do you think of Far Cry 6 so far? Do you want third person mode to be a standard option throughout the game, or do you prefer first person? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.