Far Cry 6 Paint the Town-All Paint the Town statue location

Far Cry 6 Paint the Town is a difficult Yaran story. You can do it after diving into Esperanza, but you need to be smart about yourself.

Soldiers flock to the streets of Yarra’s capital, so you will want to get familiar with the guerrilla routes scattered around. It is also necessary to have one or five good weapons. Most of the statues you need to deface are public, so conflict is inevitable.

Far Cry 6 Paint the Town-All statue positions

We have marked the location of 12 statues on the map below.

Almost all parts of Esperanza are considered illegal trespasses, so be aware of your actions and the location of the enemy when you sneak into the city. The statues around the city are an exception, so deal with those first.

Far Cry 6 Paint the Town-Techniques to Invade Esperanza

We recommend carrying armor-piercing shells for stronger soldiers. The sniper rifle obtained by completing Cache Money is a good choice for this mission, although even a basic M16 with a good range has a chance to destroy the enemy in one shot. Bring Exterminador or Volta as your supreme. The former makes the working hours of tanks short, while the latter makes them ineffective long enough for you to hijack them.

However, even tanks are very fragile. Your best option is to stay invisible and deal with soldiers when you encounter them. It is best to keep Guabo away from this battle. He is hardly noticeable, the last thing you want is your cover being blown up by a ferocious crocodile.

Admittedly, for this point in the game, your reward for destroying all 12 statues is a bit meager. You will recruit Zenia Zayas as the leader of Bandidos, which will unlock new missions and allow you to obtain rare materials.

If you have completed Far Cry 6 and need some upgrades, then these missions are a good opportunity to obtain rare items such as durable plastic. Upgrading Supremos and Resolver weapons requires a different set of tasks to obtain industrial circuits, but the benefits provided by these weapons make them worth the effort.