Far Cry 6 players are mocked via their email

People who have played Far Cry 6 But have given up on the game, or only spent a few hours playing it, Receive email Ubisoft laughed at their lack of time invested in the recently released FPS. These emails feature a jab from the game’s main opponent, El Presidente Anton Castillo, teasing players for putting Yara in the clutches of his dictatorship.

Although it is clear that these emails are purely to remind people to continue playing Far Cry 6 and use some slight ribbing to prompt those who may have given up the game to pick it up again, but they still shock some people that the taste is not good . Obviously, the aggressive language used in these emails misled people.

It’s worth noting that an email like this will be sent to the player Regardless of their game time, Although it contains different messages and statistics, depending on their progress in the game, such as enemies killed and checkpoints occupied. Although all the content contains comments from opponents in Far Cry 6, the emails sent to those who haven’t played many games express a mockery of the players, not the frustration of the big bad guys.

A special aspect of these emails that arouses players’ anger is the record of the time you played the game, with “Of course you can do better than this” highlighted above the record number.

This is not the first time Ubisoft has reminded players to re-enter the game via email.People who bought Watch Dogs Legion also received e-mail Prompt them to jump back and continue where they left off. Those provide game skills, not the bitter comments this time.

Our review of Far Cry 6 found it to be an enjoyable and action-packed adventure, although there are some serious problems with the narrative and themes explored around it. Josh Broadwell wrote: “Juan Cortez is more accurate than he realized when he recruited Danny to join Libertad. Far Cry 6 prefers to play guerrilla warfare rather than more serious reflections. Because it’s fun to blow up shit, and Ubisoft is not ready to give it up.”