Far Cry 6 puts you at war with the rooster, because why not?

Far Cry 6 Embrace the funny and explosive madness-before you embark on another vigorous adventure, use the scraps you collect to make makeshift weapons or grab one of the many “hired friends”. We have seen the cute dachshund Chorizo​​ and his semi-aquatic reptile Guapo. But what other animals can help you fight Antón Castillo and his militarist mob? Today, a new partner got a movie/game trailer. Meet Chicharrón the Pheasant!

The latest shot of Far Cry 6 is called “Chicharrón Run”, which gives us a glimpse of the tragic background of this bird. Chicharrón was captured and locked in a cage while lounging on the beach. When he finally saw the sky again, he was forced to exchange the soft paradise beach for the rough soil of the cockfighting ground. He finally escaped-hunted by Yaran soldiers willing to trigger-and found his call with the protagonist Dani and their armed guerrilla revolutionaries. Chicharrón wears two stylish nail necklaces that can knock his enemies to the ground and…pick them to death? What do you think will happen to the guard he attacked in the video above?

Far Cry 6 may be a crazy journey, but it is also a tribute to Cuban culture and diversity. Narrative Director Navid Khavari discussed with us Ubisoft Toronto’s down-to-earth approach in adhering to the guerrilla philosophy/mentality, “We have to meet with the locals and explore culture and diversity, but we also have to talk to the actual guerrillas participating in the revolution. Salute to the team,” Cavalli said. “People will join the guerrilla revolution and fight for various reasons. Some people want to shoot and feel the adrenaline soaring, while others want to do it for the country and the flag. I think this dynamic is narrative. very interesting.”

Far Cry 6 will be launched on October 7 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PC and Mac.

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