Far Cry 6 Rare Materials-Where to find uranium, gunpowder and durable plastics

Far Cry 6 rare materials include items such as uranium and gunpowder, which are essential for upgrading your weapons and unlocking all the twisting creations of Juan Cortez.

However, they are called rare for a reason. Finding them requires some errands and a lot of extra shootouts, but it’s worth the effort.

Far Cry 6 Rare Material-Where can I find Uranium in Far Cry 6

Uranium is the only way for Dani to upgrade his weapons. Juan or his repairman will charge a certain fee for each upgrade, but the trouble is worth it. The resolver weapon is one of the most powerful and versatile weapons in the game. Although technically you don’t need to upgrade your Supremo, it’s a good thing to have options.

Uranium comes from crates in air defense stations, but sometimes you will find crates at FND bases. There are at least 25 air defense stations throughout Yala, and we have marked their approximate locations below.

All uranium locations in Far Cry 6

While you are there, continue to blow up the gun yourself. Anything with explosive damage can solve the problem, including grenades, explosives, and your first Supremo attack. Some anti-aircraft turrets are also equipped with artillery, you can aim at the turret to kill them.

Far Cry 6 Rare Material-Where to find gunpowder in Far Cry 6

Gunpowder is more common and harder to find. Most FND hideouts contain gunpowder, and you will usually find at least one hideout in most government fortresses. The size of the fortress is not important, because even smaller outposts may have caches, but if you are not sure, you can check the cache icon on the map.

The larger base, which is usually the base you will raid as part of the story, usually has a cache locked behind a security door. You can only access these by killing the designated soldiers guarding the base. They have a yellow icon on the top of their heads, and they obviously have a name.

The gunpowder hideout looks very similar to Libertad Crates and Yaran Contraband, and even other FND hideouts. A differentiating factor is that the gunpowder box has a small item icon in the center instead of a weapon icon. Sometimes, NPC will provide you with information about the location of the cache and mark it on your map.

Far Cry 6 Rare Materials-Where can I find durable plastic in Far Cry 6

Not sure about looking for durable plastic. It is a random item that you may encounter in the garbage dump, or you can obtain it by exchanging fish and meat.

Handing fish in the camp is the most reliable way to find durable plastic, because trading these fish always gives you some:

  • Angel fish
  • bass
  • Bull shark
  • fundamental
  • Reef shark
  • Squirrel fish
  • Tarpon
  • Ding Qi
  • Tilapia

Some Los Bandidos missions will reward you with materials, including durable plastic, but it will take a while to unlock the mission and the comrades needed to complete the mission.

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