Far Cry 6: Where to use Chorizo’s mysterious key on Isla Santuario

Dogs are man’s best friends, but some dogs are even friendlier than others.After winning the trust of sausage Far Cry 6In the western province of Marugada, he gave you a precious gift: Mystery key.

The description of the mystery key says: “The word’Wow wow‘Was scraped aside.I thought I saw it on the beach somewhere Refuge island. ”

This is the place you need to go to use Chorizo​​’s mysterious key on Isla Santuario.

Where did you use Chorizo’s mysterious key in Far Cry 6?

When Far Cry 6 is such a huge game, it is easy to forget the names of certain areas. Isla Santuario is actually the first island you visit in the game, located in the southwestern part of the map.

In the middle of Santario Island is another small island in Casas Bay, west of Quito Bay: Guao Island.

Either quickly head to Clara’s original Libertad camp, or drop by air over the liberated military checkpoint, and then slide across the water to secluded ground.

On the southern beach, beside a few fishermen, you will find a large and attractive treasure chest.

Unlock the sandy treasure chest and you will become the proud owner of one of Far Cry 6’s unique weapons. This weapon has a particularly spicy name-enjoy its advice to the brutal Castillo.

This may be one of the first poisons you encounter, making it a more interesting acquisition.

In the Este area, there is another difficult treasure hunt, with ebb and flow, and we also have a page.

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