Farming Simulator 22: I never thought I would say that, but beets are very exciting

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(Image source: Future)

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For many years, I have been curious about the Farming Simulator series, but I have never really played it because it seems too complicated. My idea of ​​farming in the game is to tap some dirt while holding the seed, and then come back a few hours later to find a fully grown ear of corn, which I can grab and stuff it directly into my mouth. At most I might add some animal manure as fertilizer, and then pour a can of water from time to time. I think it is expert mode.

But I finally jumped into Farming Simulator 22 with both feet, and I can report—well, yes, it Yes Too complicated. For the first few hours, I used alt-tab to browse a wiki or watch a video every few minutes. These videos would show me how to do basic things, such as mowing or feeding cows.