Farming simulators are very popular in case you forget

With the launch of “Simulation Farm 22” last week, now is a good time to remind you that it is a popular game series with a large number of players. Since its launch, its average number of players has steadily increased, and the peak number of concurrent players has averaged over 90,000.This is the kind of good statistics we track on PC Gamer, thank you Steam database Every day.

On Steam, the peak number of concurrent players in “Simulated Farm” is higher than that of “Battlefield 2042”. Although the average number of players in “Battlefield” has steadily declined, the number of “Simulated Farm” has increased. This is definitely two very different player bases, but it is worth pointing out as a comparison of popularity. Today, November 28th, FS22 broke the 60,000 average number of players on Steam, which is comparable to games such as Grand Theft Auto V and Football Manager 2022.