Fatal Frame: Blackwater Girl version 1.0.2 adds a very simple mode and so on

Koei Tecmo announced that the remake of “Fatal Frame: Blackwater Girl” on Nintendo Switch has launched a new software patch. The updated version 1.0.2 for all platforms adds a very simple difficulty mode for those who want to complete the story as easily as possible. The company also fixed some bugs and issues that caused the loss of cleared save data. The following are the patch notes for the Nintendo Switch version of “Deadly Frame: Blackwater Girl”.

  • Added a very simple difficulty.
  • The very simple difficulty is suitable for players who want to enjoy the story safely.
  • It alleviates the problem of lost saved data after application error.
  • Various errors and defects have been fixed.
  • Fixed the display problem.
  • Corrected typographical errors and messages.