Fear and Hunger will be available first on Steam on November 10th

Fear of hunger It is an excellent social destruction game, currently in an open access state. The player plays a doomed explorer in 1847. The dark slaves from under the ice took over a small part of the crew, with the intention of sabotaging the expedition and causing a lot of trouble for everyone. The game is progressing well and is now scheduled to be fully released on Steam on November 10.

While waiting for future updates, Fear of hunger The developer released an update called Bad Medicine. The doctor-level appearance has been significantly updated, so he looks more distinctive among the others on the ship-this is very useful, considering his healing skills can save the ship from disaster.

There is also a ship armory, which is filled with powerful muskets. The trick is that there is a well-designed lock on the door that requires six codes collected from around the map to open the door.You also want to make sure that the right person has the musket, and no Slave traitor, lest you get into trouble.