FIFA 22 Review-Not Achieving Goals

The motion simulator gradually aroused the anger and suspicion of the target audience. The EA Sports brand is no stranger to public scrutiny, as many of its franchises continue to disappoint a group of fans. On the growing list of dissatisfaction, there are intrusive, pay-to-win microtransactions, neglected game modes, and the lack of major improvements that distinguish each new item from its predecessor. In more than one aspect, FIFA 22 looks and feels very similar to the previous issue. “HyperMotion Gameplay Technology” is said to produce thousands of new animations; it helps to create more realistic behaviors on the court. Nevertheless, no amount of technology and exaggerated visual effects can conceal the declining trajectory of the game’s most famous football IP.

FIFA 22 is very powerful from the beginning. It is a playable introductory book focusing on basic mechanics and the latest features. The tutorial is subtly integrated into the overall narrative-the avatar you created was late for an important training session with the legendary Thierry Henry and the two-time cover athlete Kylian Mbappé. Accompanied by Lisa Zimouche, a football freestyler and social media celebrity, you dash through the lively cobblestone alleys of Paris. Although the time is short, it is great to sprint through the restaurant zone while maintaining possession and honing the passing skills with the excited Parisians. This introductory film reminds me of the interesting Alex Hunt story many years ago. When it ended suddenly, I couldn’t help but yearn for another complete story.

Unfortunately, FIFA 22 lacks plot. Volta is my favorite mode last year-small arena football-lacking its mild and interesting self-made story. This time, I had to beat the AI ​​and player-controlled team without the motivation or structure provided by the Central Festival. In addition to the huge skill tree of the character, the new “signature ability” also provided me with more customization options. Although I enjoyed the power of unleashing Power Strike, Unparalleled Speed ​​(Pure Pace) and Aggressive Tackle to destroy my opponents, Volta felt incomplete in the end.

Playing traditional 11v11 football helped calm some of my frustrations. FIFA 22 chose not to reinvent the wheel because it is unnecessary. Since the unified front line is still tight and the dribble is still challenging (and looks great!), the spectacle of each game is commendable. I was immediately immersed in this experience. The entire stadium was alive with synchronized singing. The game ended with a dazzling firework show and award ceremony. The detailed facial expressions instilled personality for each football player. HyperMotion gaming technology makes players look more realistic when sliding shovel, gorgeous crossover, or angled scoring, but the next-generation paint will eventually wear out; there is nothing you haven’t seen here.

There are several popular features in my career. Putting on a pair of cleats and playing as a budding prodigy means you must gain the trust and approval of the coach/organization. From maintaining high performance scores to getting any number of assists, these goals give more weight to game time. Between each game, I upgrade my players by adding attribute privileges to speed up the path to becoming a starter. Whenever I come off the bench, I will prioritize selfless games and try to avoid stupid mistakes. Watching my avatar, teammates and supervisors gradually strengthen throughout the preseason and regular season is the highlight of FIFA 22. However, the game as a club manager remains relatively unchanged. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Balancing lineup health (endurance) and sharpness (match day performance) while actively looking for talent and maintaining financial stability is still an exciting administrative task. The new team creation/stadium option is a clear reward, but it does not enhance gameplay or micro-management mechanisms in any way.

Of course, if you want to climb the FIFA 22 ladder, joining the Ultimate Team is the fastest way… if you don’t mind spending a lot of money in the real world. Ultimate Team’s micro-transaction formula remains unchanged-buy gift packs, reward you with boring equipment and stadiums, not star athletes, participate in rare card bidding competitions, and spend hundreds of hours competing alone or with other advanced collectors . Large sums of money continue to reap rewards, while others suffer unforgivable public ordeals. If you are a casual FIFA player, please do yourself a favor and avoid this troublesome game mode.

The small adjustments provided by FIFA 22 are more important than anything else. For every major update-the new goalkeeper mechanic and female football player in the professional club-EA Canada takes a few steps back inexplicably. Even basic things like the main menu UI have not changed! As a rookie with bright eyes and a thick tail, I like to be a professional player, but it didn’t take long for me to hang up that coveted jersey.