FIFA 22 seems to make goalkeepers good again-except when they are not

FIFA always has a little monkey paw change. We may get better defense, but the rhythm has been eliminated. The cross is improved, but the header is terrible. Beckham finally looks like a real person, but his body is small (to be honest, I think this year’s game is like that).

So far, from the time I have used FIFA 22, one of my biggest gains is that goalkeepers are better. They moved into better positions, especially in one-on-one situations, where they made more impressive saves. You can’t just shoot your way to victory cleverly.

This does not mean that I haven’t scored some blind goals after playing for a few hours, but I haven’t been watching my goalkeeper all the time, wondering why he still earns £100,000 a week. All in all, I am very satisfied with the current state of FIFA 22.

Of course, this usually doesn’t make much sense. Over the years, FIFA has become notorious for post-release updates, which have made things worse. I am fully looking forward to the patch around the end of October, turning every goalkeeper into one of those air-filled swaying things that you wave your arms in the front yard of the car dealership.

Before you all jump into the comments, I definitely encourage you to do this, I know that goalkeepers are not always very smart. Even during this EA Play Early Access trial phase, I have seen some absolute online releases.

If you wear gloves, this is how I behave. It’s not very smart, is it. (You may need to click the video twice to play)

This, um, is more embarrassing, but who hasn’t walked into a position at some point in their lives?

Here, Neuer was so annoyed with his defenders that he attacked them and forgot his intentions.

I think I have introduced myself here, saying how the goalkeeper feels is a solid improvement, but it can also be a total disaster. Overall, I like FIFA 22 very much, even though it once again has a rather daunting opening, full of awkward cameos and terrible trips to the Uncanny Valley. Hope the game settles down after one or two patches, because it may be the best FIFA in years.

Disclaimer: Tested on Xbox Series X, using EA Play trial version-author paid subscription.