FIFA 22 Signing with a free agent before the best contract: where to find the best free transfer

In FIFA for a few years, the signing before signing was unbelievable.

After just half a season, your mediocre mid-range team can grab the benches of the top European clubs and give their team players who usually far exceed their financial capabilities in the coming year.

exist FIFA 22 before signing It’s rarer, but equally powerful in taking your team to the next level.

This year, the team took the initiative to restrain the talents they wanted before starting from scratch. Therefore, although many great players only have a few months left to trade, most, if not almost all, may sign on the dotted line before you even have a chance to lure them away.

However, although it takes a lot of luck to sign before the best contract in FIFA 22, hope that there will still be some interesting deals in the first season.

As for Free pick-up, They are also fickle, you may have to wait a few seasons to find someone worthy of attraction.

How to sign a pre-contract in FIFA 22

To sign with your club next season without paying transfer fees, you must find players whose contracts expire at the end of the current season.

Then, once you reach the January transfer window, you can contact them from your transfer center and provide them with a new contract directly.

You can tell which players have only a few months left on their contracts, because when you search for their names in the transfer tab, it will show “Contract expired [however many] A few months” under their physical fitness and morale.

To determine which players have traded during the summer, go to the global transfer network scout instructions in the transfer tab of the career mode menu.

Set Position, Attributes, and Age to Any, and then reduce the Contract field to 0-1. This will provide you with an up-to-date list of players who have traded for less than a year.

If your players do not have the “contract expires…” label, it means that their contracts will either expire in the following winter or renegotiate their terms after they are added to your list.

Another thing you need to remember is You can only sign players over the age of 23 in pre-contract transactions.

In January, all you need to do is select the players you need in the transfer center and conduct normal contract negotiations.

However, Although this mechanism was very powerful in previous FIFA games, it seems to be very aggressively weakened in FIFA 22Most players with only a short time left in the transaction seem to renegotiate before the transfer window, when you can approach them.

This is especially true for improving players and can be a little frustrating. The best way is to track all the players you are even a little interested in, and then cross your fingers until the first day of the January window. After Christmas, open the transfer menu to see who is free.

Although most of the players you can sign on a pre-contract are often on the wrong side of the 30-year-old, you can still add some 80+ rated players to your team in this way.

How to sign a free agent in FIFA 22

Just as pre-signing contracts were mostly re-signed by their current clubs, the best free agents were sold out almost immediately.

To get the best price, you need to search the free agent pool on the first day or a few days before any transfer window.

If you see a player you like, you can negotiate a normal contract without jumping over any obstacles.

However, the real purpose of the free agent pool is not to sign real players, but as older players retire, FIFA will provide you with a strong regeneration ability.

Once you have completed a few seasons, immediately search the free agent pool on the first day of the new season to see if any good new players can find good statistics-sometimes there are some real gems.

The best pre-signature signing in FIFA 22

As we mentioned, when you are allowed to contact them, most of these players are likely to have signed new agreements with their clubs. But add anyone you are interested in to your transfer goals, and you may be lucky-there are some great players that may be up for grabs.

FIFA 22 pre-signing
Player name age team Location overall Potential
Luis Suarez 34 Atletico Madrid Yingshi 88 88
Paul Dybala 27 Piedmont Football CF, CAM 87 88
Paul Pogba 28 Manchester United Cm, LM 87 87
Angel Di Maria 33 Paris Saint-Germain RW, LW 87 87
Luka Modric 35 real Madrid centimeter 87 87
Lorenzo Insigne 30 Naples Length and width, length and width 86 86
Edinson Cavani 34 Manchester United Yingshi 85 85
David Silva 35 Real society Cam, cm 85 85
Thiago Silva 36 Chelsea CB 85 85
Frank Casey twenty four Milan Clean Development Mechanism, CM 84 86
Marcelo Brozovic 28 Inter Milan Clean Development Mechanism, CM 84 84
Felipe 32 Atletico Madrid CB 84 84
Matthias Gent 27 Monchengladbach CB 84 85
Joseph Ilisic 33 Bergamo Football CF, ST 84 84
Fernando 33 Seville Clean Development Mechanism, CM 84 84
Gan Mertens 34 Naples CF, ST, CAM 84 84
Osman Dembele twenty four Barcelona RW 83 88
Andrei Kramaric 30 Hoffenheim ST, CAM 83 83
Antonio Rudiger 28 Chelsea CB 83 84
Juan Cuadrado 33 Juventus RB, RM 83 83
Sergio Asenjo 32 Villarreal GK 83 83
Alex Witsel 32 Dortmund Clean Development Mechanism, CM 83 83
Niklas Sule 25 Bayern CB, RB 82 87
Alessio Romagnoli 26 Milan CB 82 83
Isco 29 real Madrid CAM, CM, LW 82 82
Alexander Lazette 30 arsenal Yingshi 82 82
Jesus Corona 28 Porto RM, RB, RW 82 82
Yuri Belcice 31 Bilbao lb 82 82
Gareth Bale 31 real Madrid RM, RW 82 82
Lorenzo Pellegrini 25 Rome CAM, CM, CDM 81 86
David Soria 28 Getafe GK 81 82
Darwin Marches 28 Granada LM, RM, ST 81 81
Andrea Bellotti 27 Turin Yingshi 81 82
Adnan Januzai 26 Real society RW, RM 81 81
James Tarkovsky 28 Burnley CB 81 82
Hector Herrera 31 Atletico Madrid centimeter 81 81
Giri Pavlenka 29 Werder Bremen GK 80 82
Dennis Zakaria twenty four Monchengladbach Clean Development Mechanism, CB 80 86
Jonathan Rodriguez 27 Blue cross ST, LW 80 80
Jason Denayer 26 Lyon CB 80 83
Colentin Toliso 26 Bayern CM, CDM 80 81
Andreas Christensen 25 Chelsea CB 80 85
Thomas Strakosa 26 Latin GK 80 83
Luis Felipe twenty four Latin CB 78 85
Nicolas de la Cruz twenty four bed CM, CAM, LW 78 84
Robin Le Norman twenty four Real society CB 78 83
Cesar Montes twenty four Monterrey CB 75 83
Jeremy God twenty four Sassuolo Long line, long line 77 83
Luis Romo 26 Blue cross Clean Development Mechanism, CB, CM 77 82
Zach Stephen 26 Manchester City GK 77 82

The best free agent in FIFA 22

Again, as we said above, these players are usually immediately reassigned to the new club, but if you need some extra talent, it is worth looking for on the first day you save.

FIFA 22 Best Free Agent
Player name age Position overall Potential
Toby Alderweireld 32 CB 83 83
Grzegorz Krychowiak 31 Clean Development Mechanism, CM 80 80
Artemisia annua 32 Yingshi 78 78
Magomed Ozdoyev 28 Clean Development Mechanism, CM 77 78
Alexander Dragovic 30 CB, RB 76 76
Victor Cresson 29 Cam, LM, CM 76 76
Dal Kuzayev 28 CM, RM, CDM 75 75
Vyacheslav Karavaev 26 RB 74 75
Laszlo Klein Heisler 27 Camera 73 73
Yakubu Brabeck 28 CB 73 73
Sebastian Simansky twenty two Cam, RM 73 81
Milos Degnek 27 Renewable energy, clean development mechanism 73 76
Matvi Safonov twenty two GK 72 82
Daniel Fuming twenty four Clean Development Mechanism, CM 72 77
Andrei Mostovoi twenty three LM, RM 69 75
Andras Shafer twenty two Clean development mechanism 68 79
Fran Karasic 25 RB 68 73
Michael Wood twenty two GK 65 75
Elijah twenty one about 65 76
Nando Pinac twenty two CB 64 74
Marco Stamenic 19 CM, CDM, CAM 63 80
Charles Chazigavriel 17 GK 58 84

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