FIFA 22: The best defender, central defender, left back and right back, can sign in in career mode

Whether you prefer serial or gegenpress, defense is at the core of any success FIFA 22 team.

The rock in the middle of the defense is a strong central defender who can easily break the game and counterattack. Although full-backs and more full-backs are the most fashionable positions in football, a large number of fields are covered between offensive and defensive transitions.

In the top 5 European leagues-and in world football as a whole-it is often said that there is a lack of high-quality defenders, and the game is currently in a particularly aggressive strategic stage.

However, here are some The best defender in FIFA 22 Including center back, left back and right back, you can turn your back line into a bus parking lot that Jose is proud of.

First, we will list the highest-rated defenders in FIFA 22. Although these superstars are only suitable for the highest budgets, with the likes of Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane making big moves this summer, you really can’t To say that any transfer is unrealistic.

Next, we will gather the most potential guards who may not be ready for the first team, but have a lot of room for growth throughout the career model.

Finally, we will make some suggestions for who will sign in the first season of your career mode. No one likes to be told that their primary goal “just moved and won’t move again”, but these gems can be obtained immediately.

The highest total defender in FIFA 22

These defensive backbones have improved the quality of any defensive line on the planet. Although some of them may have passed their best, their talents are undisputed.

FIFA 22 guards have the highest total score-center back, left back, right back
Player name age team overall Potential
Virgil Van Dyke 29 Liverpool 89 89
Sergio Ramos 35 Paris Saint-Germain 88 88
Ruben Dias twenty four Manchester City 87 91
Trent Alexander-Arnold twenty two Liverpool 87 92
Andrew Robertson 27 Liverpool 87 88
Fraction 27 Paris Saint-Germain 87 90
Milan Scrignar 26 Inter Milan 86 88
Emeric Laporte 27 Manchester City 86 89
Joao Cancelo 27 Manchester City 86 87
Rafael Varane 28 Manchester United 86 88
Kalidou Kulibaly 30 Naples 86 86
Jody Alba 32 Barcelona 86 86
Mats Hummels 32 Dortmund 86 86
George Chiellini 36 Juventus 86 86
Matisse Delicht twenty one Juventus 85 90
Ashraf Hakimi twenty two Paris Saint-Germain 85 88
Dani Carvajal 29 real Madrid 85 85
Stefan DeVry 29 Inter Milan 85 85
Kyle Walker 31 Manchester City 85 85
Leonardo Bonucci 34 Juventus 85 85
Thiago Silva 36 Chelsea 85 85
Theo Hernandez twenty three Milan 84 90
Marcos Acuna 29 Seville 84 84
Jose Maria Gimenez placeholder image 26 Atletico Madrid 84 88
Ricardo Pereira 27 Leicester 84 84

The most potential defender in FIFA 22

As some of the most well-known defenders enter their prime or the twilight years of their careers, the next generation is preparing to take the world by storm.

The most potential defender in FIFA 22
Player name age team overall Potential
Trent Alexander-Arnold twenty two Liverpool 87 92
Ruben Dias twenty four Manchester City 87 91
Matisse Delicht twenty one Juventus 85 90
Theo Hernandez twenty three Milan 84 90
Dayo Upamecano twenty two Bayern 82 90
Fraction 27 Paris Saint-Germain 87 90
Jules Comte twenty two Seville 83 89
Paul Torres twenty four Villarreal 82 89
Edmilita twenty three real Madrid 82 89
Alessandro Bastoni twenty two Inter Milan 80 89
Alfonso Davis 20 Bayern 82 89
Nuno Mendes 19 Paris Saint-Germain 78 88
Edmund Tapsoba twenty two Leverkusen 81 88
Ashraf Hakimi twenty two Paris Saint-Germain 85 88
Milan Scrignar 26 Inter Milan 86 88
Joe Gomez twenty four Liverpool 82 88
Jose Maria Gimenez placeholder image 26 Atletico Madrid 84 88
Josco Gvardiol 19 RB Leipzig 75 87
Mark Cucurera twenty two Brighton 81 87
Christian Romero twenty three Spurs 82 87
Aaron Wan-Bissaka twenty three Manchester United 83 87
Niklas Sule 25 Bayern 82 87
Goncarlo Inacio 19 sports 76 86
Ronald Araujo twenty two Barcelona 77 86
Jurien Wood 20 Ajax 75 86

The best central defender signed in the first season of FIFA 22

  • Lucas Verisimo -Benfica-worth 23 million pounds-26-26 years old, and may become the next major defender to break out of La Liga NOS, Lucas Verissimo is a choice you may not have heard of, with excellent physical data-including 80+ speed. More importantly, his main defensive stats are all around 80, so he has 84 potential. A training program focused on defense can quickly turn him into a beast.
  • Lucas Klosterman -RB ​​Leipzig-worth £26.5 million-25-Despite the high-profile departures of Upamecano and Konate, Leipzig still has a large number of defensive talents to plunder. Lukas Klostermann can play on the right side of the central defender or the No. 4 or No. 5 defender. He has good speed and defensive data, and he has enough endurance to play 90 minutes a week. He also has a better-than-average short pass in the midfield, and you can improve it further with his +4 potential growth.
  • Maxon Lacroix -Wolfsburg-worth 33 million pounds-21-is destined to be the bane of FUT players all over the world. For a team with ample budget, Maxence Lacroix looks like an incredibly powerful central defender. With an amazing 93 sprint speed, 83 power and 6 feet 3 inches height, only the fastest or tallest forward can get close to the ball in a game against Lacroix. Although his raw tackle data is not the best, it can be easily solved by the defensive training system and his +7 potential growth.
  • Jeremiah St. Just -Mainz-worth £9.5 million-24-Lacroix has no price tag. Jeremiah St. Juste is very fast, with good strength, defense and height as a backing. The total score is 76 points and the value and release terms are lower. For clubs with smaller budgets, St Just is easier to achieve, but there is still a potential increase of +4 to enhance his tackles and training intensity.
  • Besir Omerajik -Zurich-£2.5 million worth-19-If you are working on a low budget or want a young substitute to come up with an established pairing, then Becir Omeragic has good physical fitness and a passable 67 total defensive stats. Train to use his 83 potential at a low price.
  • Leonidas Stegio -FC St. Gallen-worth £2.5 million-19-Another cheap option with a lot of room for growth is Leonidas Stergiou from the Swiss League. His stats are not the best at first, but he will grow rapidly with an 86 starting potential.

FIFA 22 The best left back and right back in the first season

  • Cacace released -LB-Sint-Truidense VV-Value of £4.9 million-20-New Zealander Liberato Cacace has awesome body data, including about 80 speed, jump, endurance and most impressive power. With a relatively cheap price and 83 potential to improve his defensive stats, Kakas is a great addition to any team, whether as a potential starter or a bench.
  • Pevis Estupinan -LB-Villarreal-value of 26 million pounds-23-Unai Emery prefers Pedraza as the left back. Pervis Estupinan is a very realistic but expensive choice for the top team, thanks to his high speed, Endurance, strength and defensive data. Although he has been very good since the beginning of career mode, the potential of 85 means that he will get better soon.
  • Fabian Sendonz -RB ​​- FC Metz-13 million pounds-25-In the past few seasons, it has been highly rated in France. The Centonze team has good physical fitness, good technical ability and high endurance, and can be on the court As a full-back role.
  • Felix Silver -RB/LB-Werder Bremen-£3.8 million-21-At the price you pay, Felix Agu is a great choice for almost any team. Agu has a potential of 83, and he has LB and RB in his listed positions. He has a good dribble, but his movement and power statistics are also great. His strength and defense certainly have many shortcomings, but at only 21 years old, he has time to improve his score through intensive training.
  • Devin Rensch -RB ​​- Ajax-value of 7 million pounds-18-Devyne Rensch has a 5-star weak foot and 85 potential, has been a reliable all-around player when he was young, and can be obtained at a reasonable price.
  • Josha Wagnorman -RB/LB-Hamburger SV-Value of £3.9 million-20-Higher than your average full-back, but fast, with 87 power. Josha Vagnoman is another player who can play both LB and RB, and at the same time improve his performance The defensive data passed has 82 potential.

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