FIFA 22: The best forwards and wingers sign into career mode

FIFA is the funniest when you score a goal.To make the process as smooth as possible, you need to connect your team with some The best forward in FIFA 22.

Whether you classify him as a big man or play an intricate triangle with a technical winger, if your personnel are not up to the task, your game plan will not fail.

As traditional wingers have become fewer and fewer, more emphasis is placed on inside cuts rather than crosses, so in the past few years, wing players have been combined with forwards.

First, we will analyze the overall situation of the forward with the highest absolute score in FIFA 22.

Then, we will list some of the next generation of offensive talents who will replace them, and then discuss some interesting options to log into your career mode for the first season.

The best FIFA 22 forward and winger overall score

With the advancement of sports science, more and more athletes can still maintain the highest level of performance in their 30s. Nothing is more obvious than the highest-rated forward in FIFA 22.

They may not have reached the absolute peak, but these are the highest-rated forwards this year.

FIFA 22 forward with the highest total score
Player name age Location team overall Potential
Lionel Messi 34 RW, ST Paris Saint-Germain 93 93
Robert Lewandowski 32 Yingshi Bayern 92 92
Kylian Mbappé twenty two ST, LW Paris Saint-Germain 91 95
Neymar 29 Nagao Paris Saint-Germain 91 91
Cristiano Ronaldo 36 ST, LW Manchester United 91 91
Harry Kane 27 Yingshi Spurs 90 90
Mo Salah 29 RW Liverpool 89 89
Sadio Mane 29 Nagao Liverpool 89 89
Sun Xiangmin 28 Nagao Spurs 89 89
Karim Benzema 33 Yingshi real Madrid 89 89
Erlin Harland 20 Yingshi Dortmund 88 93
Raheem Sterling 26 about Manchester City 88 89
Romelu Lukaku 28 Yingshi Chelsea 88 88
Luis Suarez 34 Yingshi Atletico Madrid 88 88
Ciro Immobile 31 Yingshi Lazio 87 87
Angel Di Maria 33 RW, LW Paris Saint-Germain 87 87
Sergio Aguero 33 Yingshi Barcelona 87 87
Kingsley Coman 25 Nagao Bayern 86 87
Jamie Vardy 34 Yingshi Leicester 86 86
Gerald Moreno 29 ST, RW Villarreal 86 86
Riad Mahrez 30 RW Manchester City 86 86
Lorenzo Insigne 30 Nagao Naples 86 86
Marcus Rashford twenty three about Manchester United 85 89
Lautaro Martinez twenty three Yingshi Inter Milan 85 89
Oyazabal twenty four about Real society 85 89

The most promising forwards and wingers in FIFA 22

For younger energy, these are the forwards with the greatest potential in FIFA 22.

They may not be ready to become one of the richest clubs in Europe, and their numbers will improve rapidly over time.

The most promising forward in FIFA 22
Player name age Location team overall Potential
Kylian Mbappé twenty two about Paris Saint-Germain 91 95
Erlin Harland 20 Yingshi Dortmund 88 93
Joao Felix twenty one Yingshi Atletico Madrid 83 91
Federico Chiesa twenty three RW, LW Juventus 83 91
Ansu Fati 18 Nagao Barcelona 76 90
Ferran Torres twenty one RW, ST Manchester City 82 90
Little Vinicius 20 Nagao real Madrid 80 90
Dejan Kulusevsky twenty one RW, ST Juventus 81 89
Mason Greenwood 19 RW, ST Manchester United 78 89
Marcus Rashford twenty three about Manchester United 85 89
Lautaro Martinez twenty three Yingshi Inter Milan 85 89
Oyazabal twenty four about Real society 85 89
Anthony twenty one RW Ajax 79 88
Nolima Duke 19 RW, ST PSV 77 88
Giacomo Laspadori twenty one Yingshi Sassuolo 74 88
Ryan Cherki 17 RW, LW Lyon 73 88
Gabriel Martinelli 20 Nagao arsenal 76 88
Jeremy Dooku 19 RW Renai Stadium 77 88
Rodrigo 20 RW real Madrid 79 88
Moussa Dibuli twenty one about Leverkusen 81 88
Osman Dembele twenty four RW Barcelona 83 88
Cristian Pulisic twenty two about Chelsea 82 88
Kaki 18 RW Manchester City 66 87
Christo Zolis 19 Left, right, right Norwich 74 87
Adam Hlozek 18 Yingshi Sparta Prague 76 87

The best FIFA 22 striker signed for the first season

Therefore, you have determined the perfect goal and prepared a bid, only to find that the player in question has just joined their current club-disaster!

Here are some great forwards who can sign in the first season of career mode.

Anthony Martial -Manchester United-worth £34.5 million-25-With two elite veteran forwards crossing the center and two hometown heroes on the wing, Anthony Martial seems to have exceeded the requirements of the Manchester red half, but in FIFA 22, it is comprehensive His quality statistics make him a strong signing for the top European teams. With nearly 90 speed and dribble, as well as 80 or so power, shooting and passing statistics, he still has room for further development, his 84 potential.

Blair Embolism -Monchengladbach-value of 16 million pounds-24-Two great and quite realistic signing opportunities come from the same club, Hingradbach. After Marco Rose leaves Dortmund, Monchengladbach may hope Bring some cash for reconstruction. Breel Embolo, the older of the two, played for the Swiss team in the 2020 European Cup, and has good movement and strength statistics, with a total score of 77. Injuries made it difficult for him to achieve the hype of his early career. His 69 games were very bad, but due to his +5 potential growth, he will improve rapidly with training.

Marcus Thuram -Monchengladbach-value of £27.5 million-23-On the other hand, Marcus Thuram has everything from the start and is a great signing for a top club. Although always playing higher, Tulam is strangely listed as the left midfielder in the game, but he has the perfect stats to become a top center, combining the speed, power and dribble of the mid-80s, as well as 80 The finish and header accuracy.

Darwin Nunes -Benfica-worth 17 million pounds-22-An absolute physical monster with a potential growth of +9 to perfect his absolutely raw shooting statistics. Darwin Nunez hopes to have a breakthrough season in Portugal this season. Although he scored only 6 goals in 29 games last season, he almost tied that number in the first 5 games of the 21-22 season-let alone scored twice in the Champions League against Barcelona. . As an excellent choice for an intermediate Premier League team, Nunez provides Harland-style power and is expected to achieve a similar end in the future.

Dane Scarlett -Spurs-worth 1.5 million pounds-17-Due to his low price and 86 potential, Diane Scarlett looks like this year’s Mason Greenwood-a young English forward who can unrealistically tear up the lower league and Grow at an alarming rate. His numbers were pretty mediocre at the beginning, but after a period of games, they won’t stay in this state for too long.

Ricky Jade Jones -Peterborough-675k value-18-For a more realistic “Road to Glory” signing, please check out Ricky Jade Jones. His technique and stamina are not very good, but with a speed of over 90 and a potential of 80, he can at least directly cause some trouble to the slow defenders. It will definitely become a favorite in the low-level leagues.

Karim Adeyemi -RB ​​Salzburg-£4.5 million-19-Red Bull’s infrastructure is full of talent, and Karim Adeyemi looks like the next Timo Werner. With super high speed and excellent dribbling and finishing ability, his total score is 71, and his value is achievable in many clubs. Cultivate his 85 potential, and he will become a top talent in the next few years.

The best winger signed in the first season of FIFA 22

Excellent wing attack means the difference between an ordinary team and an excellent team.

Here are some exciting wingers who can strengthen your front line from the first season of career mode.

Ansu Fati -Barcelona-worth £17.5 million-18-After returning from injury and inheriting Messi’s No. 10 jersey, Barcelona seems to have been building around Anzu Fati for a long time, but after the club’s financial difficulties throughout the summer, you can really say Any players? Is it unrealistic to leave the club? Fati, who is only 18 years old, has a speed of 90, a finishing ability of 80 and a potential of 90. He is one of the most promising players in world football and can be sold out by any top European club.

Luis Diaz -Porto-valued at £33.5 million-24-As a fast, endurance dribler, Luis Diaz has long been a favorite of Portuguese fans and he looks ready to be in the traditional top 5 league China is taking it to the next level.

Jonathan Bamba and Jonathan Ikoni -Lille-28 million pounds and 25 million pounds worth-25 and 23-Both Jonathans of the Lille winger are good choices for wealthy European clubs. They are all inverted wingers, usually kicking the ball on the other side of their strong foot, and combining lightning speed, tricky dribble and good shots when they cut into points or assists.

Thiago Almada -Velez Sarsfield-worth 10 million pounds-20-Thiago Almada has been a hot prospect for several years, and FIFA 22 is no exception. His 74 starting endurance is much better than in previous years, which means that he is more useful from the beginning of career mode preservation. Due to his +12 potential growth, Almada is both lively and technically talented, and he will soon grow into a top player.

Octavian Popescu -Steaua-£3.7 million worth-18-For a cheaper option that has been useful from the start, Octavian Popescu is a more traditional winger, but despite being only 18 years old, he has good speed, dribbling and endurance. More importantly, with the potential of 85 and the relatively cheap price tag, his value will increase rapidly with his skills.

Pedro de la Vega placeholder image -Atlético Lanús-worth 10 million pounds-20-Another highly rated Argentine, Pedro De la Vega’s starting numbers are better than his 74 total points might suggest, and As his starting potential reaches 86 points, they will only get better.

Ibrahima Ndiaye -FC Luzern-Value of 4.2 million pounds-22-Ibrahima Ndiaye with amazing price statistics, with a relatively cheap cost of 90+ speed, nearly 80 dribbles and endurance in the mid-1970s. Although his 80 potential is lower than many future talents, it is still a +9 potential growth, which will only reduce his value and make more clubs affordable.

Stefan Bayaram -Universitatea Craiova-worth £1.7 million-18-For cheaper options that still have usable speed and endurance, check out the prospects of the Romanian League. With the speed of the mid-80s and the endurance of the mid-70s, he has the potential to improve his technical skills at the age of 80.

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