FIFA 22: The best goalkeeper in career mode

Although they are very important, they are often underestimated. The best goalkeepers in the world may not be able to win the game on their own, but they can ensure that you leave the court with zero goals.

exist FIFA 22, The goalkeeper has been strengthened to stop the huge stream of goals we saw in last year’s game, making a reliable goalkeeper a stronger choice in your career model lineup.

Although it’s still the most important old name — you don’t need us to tell you that Jan Oblak, Manuel Neuer and Gigi Donnarumma are all great, right — there’s some hidden The gems can be found in the best leagues in Europe and other regions.

here has The best goalkeeper in FIFA 22 In terms of overall ratings, followed by some young shooters with high ceilings-not just because they are high.

Then we will discuss some great goalkeeper suggestions to sign into career mode, all of which are available in the first season.

Best FIFA 22 goalkeeper overall

They are the calmest and most reliable goalkeepers in FIFA 22 and in the entire world of football. Although many of them are over 30 years old, they still perform well at the club’s highest level every week.

FIFA 22 Highest Total Goalkeeper
Player name age team overall Potential
Jan Oblak 28 Atletico Madrid 91 93
Mark-Andre Ter Stegen 29 Barcelona 90 92
Manuel Neuer 35 Bayern 90 90
Gigi Donnarumma twenty two Paris Saint-Germain 89 93
Allison Becker 28 Liverpool 89 90
Edson Moras 27 Manchester City 89 91
Keller Navas 34 Paris Saint-Germain 88 88
Wojciech Shchensny 31 Juventus 87 87
Hugo Loris 34 Spurs 87 87
Cohen Castle 29 Wolfsburg 86 87
Samir Handanovic 36 Inter Milan 86 86
Peter Gulasi 31 RB Leipzig 85 85
Jahn Summer 32 Monchengladbach 85 85
Caspar Schmeichel 34 Leicester City 85 85
Mike Magnum 25 Milan 84 89
Amy Martinez 28 Aston Villa 84 85
David De Gea 30 Manchester United 84 84
Edward Mendy 29 Chelsea 83 85
Jordan Pickford 27 Everton 83 85
Nick Pope 29 Burnley 83 83
Bernd Reno 29 arsenal 83 84
Lucas Hradeki 31 Leverkusen 83 83
Sergio Asenjo 32 Villarreal 83 83
Dominic Livakovic 26 Dynamo Zagreb 82 87
Unai Simon twenty four Bilbao 82 86

The most promising FIFA 22 goalkeeper

Not all of these high-potential goalkeepers are ready for first-team football, but if there is proper time for the game, they will become the best goalkeepers.

The most promising FIFA 22 goalkeeper
Player name age team overall Potential
Gigi Donnarumma twenty two Paris Saint-Germain 89 93
Mike Magnum 25 Milan 84 89
Martin Van der Water 19 Henk 71 87
Dominic Livakovic 26 Dynamo Zagreb 82 87
Dean Henderson twenty four Manchester United 80 87
Pierluigi Gorini 26 Spurs 82 87
Unai Simon twenty four Bilbao 82 86
Alex Merret twenty four Naples 79 86
Lautaro Morale twenty one Lanus 72 85
Andre Lunin twenty two real Madrid 74 85
Ilian Meslier twenty one Leeds United 77 85
Diogo Costa twenty one Porto 73 85
Justin Bigello twenty three Feyenoord 77 85
Altai baindir twenty three Fenerbahce 77 84
Gregor Kobel twenty three Dortmund 79 84

FIFA 22 first season best goalkeeper

No one likes to line up for a perfect transfer target just to be told that the player will not move again. These players can be signed right from the start with fun, good ratings, and career mode.

  • Cohen Castle -Wolfsburg-worth £52 million-29-Despite leading a revived Wolfsburg team under the leadership of Mark van Bommel, Koen Casteels ) Is the highest-rated goalkeeper, he did not play for one of the established super clubs. If you are looking for an option that has been highly rated and has a budget that matches his talents, Casteels is a fairly realistic choice and is located to the right of 30.
  • Dominic Livakovic -Dinamo Zagreb-worth 35 million pounds-26-With a strong 87 potential and 82 overall performance in the Croatian league, Dominic Livakovic is one of the richest teams in Europe and needs one The main candidate for the top goalkeeper.
  • George Mamardashvili -Valencia-worth £10.5 million-20-For a cheaper but younger option, Giorgi Mamardashvili from Valencia has a good balance between an affordable starting price, a decent 75 points and a strong potential of 83 points. Although he may be better as a substitute for the top team, Mamardashvili can enter a slightly weaker team and improve them in the long term.
  • Martin Van der Water -Genk-£4.3 million-19-The career mode team for almost everyone in FIFA 22 is Maarten Vandevoordt, who combines a relatively cheap price with the potential of 87 and a very useful 71 overall-perfect for saving it road.
  • Lautaro Morale -Lanius-worth £5 million-21-Another cheaper option that may not be overused is the Argentine Lautaro Morales. Starting from the career mode, he has good jump shots, positioning and reaction skills, and has a growth potential of 85.
  • Constantinos Zorakis -Olympicacos-worth £2.3 million-18-Konstantinos Tzolakis from the Greek League is more relaxed on a budget. He has a potential of 83 at the age of 18, which makes him the perfect complement to almost any football bench, or a decent one Signed a league team.
  • Gavin Bazunu -Portsmouth-worth 1.3 million pounds-19-Finally, if you are running in the lower leagues of England and want to keep your signings in the country, try Gavin Bazunu-he has been taken by the Republic of Ireland in real life Capped. He already has the highlight of his career, which is to save Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty, thus negating his historical international scoring record, so snapped him up before his value soared.

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