FIFA 22 Wonderkids: The most promising young players in the career mode

With the beginning of a brand new game cycle, a brand new team appeared FIFA 22 Prodigy Ready to take charge of world football. One of the most valuable parts of FIFA career mode is to discover hidden gems and cultivate their potential until you have a team full of superstars to dominate both domestically and internationally.

Despite advances in sports science, football is still a sport for young people. Former professional players often describe the moment they start to find the next generation of talent “terrible” as the moment they know they must retire, and the key to long-term success in FIFA 22 is knowing when to replace the most reliable performers and cultivate their successors. By.

With the Kings Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo entering the twilight years of their careers, we are in an interesting situation, and some of the hottest rookies are still young hoping to win championship titles.

But you don’t need us to tell you that Kylian Mbappe is a good kid, or to look for a brave young man named Erling Braut Haaland. This list will include not only high-potential prodigies who already have the overall strength of a top European team, but also little-known young players who are on the verge of breaking through the season.

In addition, some of the youngest players with high potential are making their debut in professional football, which means you cannot lure them to your team in the first season. After the main table, we will introduce some of the best FIFA 22 Wonderkids you can sign immediately.

The most promising Wonderkids in FIFA 22

Although they may not be ready for a quiet world, they are the brightest young talents in FIFA 22.

Give them time to play and they will become the best players on the planet.

We count young players as 22 years and younger.

The most promising Wonderkids in FIFA 22
Player name age team Location overall Starting potential
Kylian Mbappé twenty two Paris Saint-Germain ST, LW 91 95
Erlin Harland 20 Dortmund Yingshi 88 93
Gigi Donnarumma twenty two Paris Saint-Germain GK 89 93
Phil Foden twenty one Manchester City CAM, LW, CM 84 92
Kay Haverts twenty two Chelsea Cam, CF, CM 84 92
Trent Alexander-Arnold twenty two Liverpool RB 87 92
Pedri 18 Barcelona centimeter 81 91
Joao Felix twenty one Atletico Madrid CF, ST 83 91
Jaden Sancho twenty one Manchester United RW, LW, CF 87 91
Ansu Fati 18 Barcelona Nagao 76 90
Ryan Graven Burch 19 Ajax CM, CDM 78 90
Ferran Torres twenty one Manchester City RW, ST 82 90
Little Vinicius 20 real Madrid Nagao 80 90
Matisse Delicht twenty one Juventus CB 85 90
Dayo Upamecano twenty two Bayern CB 82 90
Florian Wirtz 18 Leverkusen Cam, cm 78 89
Jude Bellingham 18 Dortmund centimeter 79 89
Eduardo Kamavenga 18 real Madrid CM, CDM 78 89
Dejan Kulusevsky twenty one Juventus RW, CF 81 89
Mason Greenwood 19 Manchester United RW, ST 78 89
Jules Comte twenty two Seville CB 83 89
Federico Valverde twenty two real Madrid centimeter 83 89
Alessandro Bastoni twenty two Inter Milan CB 80 89
Alfonso Davis 20 Bayern lb 82 89
Mason Hill twenty two Chelsea CAM, CM, RW 83 89
Jamal Murciala 18 Bayern Cam, LM 76 88
Anthony twenty one Ajax RW 79 88
Nolima Duke 19 PSV RM, ST 77 88
Giacomo Laspadori twenty one Sassuolo Yingshi 74 88
Nuno Mendes 19 Paris Saint-Germain lb 78 88
Ryan Cherki 17 Lyon RW, LW 73 88
Gabriel Martinelli 20 arsenal LM 76 88
Edmund Tapsoba twenty two Leverkusen CB 81 88
Bugadesaka 19 arsenal RM, LM 80 99
Jeremy Dooku 19 Renai Stadium RW 77 88
Rodrigo 20 real Madrid RW 79 88
Musadiyabi twenty one Leverkusen Left arm, right arm 81 88
Kubo Takeshi 20 Mallorca (Real Madrid) RM, CM, CAM 75 88
Ashraf Hakimi twenty two Paris Saint-Germain RB 85 88
Cristian Pulisic twenty two Chelsea about 82 88
Martin Odego twenty two arsenal Cam, cm 82 88
Kaki 18 Manchester City RW 66 87
Christo Zolis 19 Norwich LM, RM, ST 74 87
Nicolo Rovera 19 Genoa (Juventus) CM, CDM 70 87
Josco Gvardiol 19 RB Leipzig CB, LB 75 87
Adam Hlozek 18 Sparta Prague ST, LM, RM 76 87
Harvey Elliott 18 Liverpool RW, CM 73 87
Gio Reina 18 Dortmund Cam, LM, RM 77 87
Martin Van der Water 19 Henk GK 71 87
Mikel Damsgaard 20 Sandoria LM, LW 77 87

Overall low, high potential FIFA 22 Wonderkids

Not everyone likes to play with teams with large budgets. In order to recruit top talent, you have to pay a high price, but for clubs with less cash in the kittens, here are some players with huge growth potential and lower overall players.

No matter who you play with, you should be able to afford these people. We try to pick players who have at least real pictures in the game and are available in the first season.

Overall low, high potential FIFA 22 Wonderkids
Player name age team Location overall Starting potential
Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty 17 Toronto Football Club RM, LM 58 80
Wilfried Gnonto 17 Zurich Football Club CF, LM, ST 58 80
Alex Robertson 18 Ross County centimeter 58 81
Conya Boyce-Clark 18 read GK 59 81
Ralph Vandenberg 16 PEC Zwolle CB 59 83
Pierre Dvormo 17 Royal Antwerp Cam, cm 60 85
Ricky Jade Jones 18 Peterborough Yingshi 60 80
Eugenio Pizuto 19 small Clean Development Mechanism, CM 60 80
Rasul Ndiaye 19 Sochaux Clean Development Mechanism, CM 61 80
Malach Fagan-Walcott 19 The spurs CB 61 80
Zeno Rage 17 Anderlecht Renewable energy, clean development mechanism 61 81
Luke Matheson 18 Wolves RWB, RB 62 81
Tommy Doyle 19 hamburger centimeter 62 81
Hannibal Majori 18 Manchester United Cam, cm 62 84
Perret Jean 19 Majorca GK 62 81
Alexis Carlogropoulos 16 Olympiacos CB 62 82
Frederick Opegard 18 PSV lb 63 80
Leslie Ugochuku 17 Renai Stadium centimeter 63 80
Cody Drummer 19 Leeds United RB 63 80
Ivan Saranic 18 Dynamo Zagreb Reading and writing, camera 63 82
Karamoco Dembele 18 Celtic RM 63 82
Dane Scarlett 17 The spurs Yingshi 63 86
Charlie Creswell 18 Leeds United CB 63 80
La Bresse 19 Majorca LM, LW, RW 63 81
Alan Dinch 19 Werder Bremen RW, CF 64 81
Moritz Kjalgad 18 RB Salzburg Cam, cm 64 82
Dream week 19 Manchester United CB 64 82
Cade Cowell 17 San Jose earthquake ST, LM, RM 64 80
Isaac Nuhu 19 Cass Oppen about 64 80
Vasilis Sulis 18 Olympiacos CM, CDM, CAM 64 82
Paul Nebel 18 Mainz RM, LM, CAM 64 83
Ramens 18 Bruges GK 64 81
Lorenzo Pirola 19 Monza CB 64 82
Jaden Bluff 18 Manchester City about 64 84
Gavin Bazunu 19 Portsmouth GK 64 82
Tino Anjolin 19 Locomotive moscow Cam, cm 64 82
Liam Delap 18 Manchester City Yingshi 64 85
Col Palmer 19 Manchester City Reading and writing, camera 64 84
Osam Sarawi 20 Vallelunga Length and width, length and width 65 80
Julian Odd 18 Atletico Madrid LB, Clean Development Mechanism 65 82
Luca heard 18 Henk Nagao 65 83
Brian Oko 18 RB Salzburg CB 65 82
Rafael Onedika 20 Central Jutland Clean Development Mechanism, CM, CB 65 81
Franco Orozco 19 Atletico Madrid about 65 84
Mohamed Tabuni 19 Alkmaar Cam, long line 66 83
Jared Branthwaite 19 Everton CB 66 84
Harvey Simmons 18 Paris Saint-Germain centimeter 66 83
Ian Mattson 19 Coventry Left arm, left arm 66 82
Mohamed-Ali Cho 17 Angers Yingshi 66 81
Samuel Rich 19 Empoli CM, CDM 67 84
Moussa Juwala 19 croton Yingshi 67 85
Alex Magotan 19 Nottingham Forest LM 67 81

Best FIFA 22 Wonderkids first season signing

With so many great prodigies in FIFA 22, it’s hard to know who will choose. Here are some people who can sign immediately.

  • Ansu Fati -Barcelona-worth £17.5 million-In Barcelona’s poor financial situation, it is unrealistic to recommend a complete suspension of any player. Although he inherited Messi’s No. 10 jersey after returning from injury, Anzu Fati may be lured to leave Camp Nou at a lower price than you expected, and is one of the highest-rated talents you can add to the team. one.
  • Jamal Murciala -Bayern-worth £17.5 million-A more unrealistic signing than Fati, but also hyped, Jamal Murciala is an excellent young CAM with excellent dribbling and running data at the age of 18 . Not only that, he also started with 76 endings and 5-star skill moves, which makes him a useful member of any attack at the beginning of career mode. Focusing on training his endurance quickly, he will fit any advanced midfield position.
  • Gabriel Martinelli -Arsenal-valued at £18 million-Arsenal may not be as serious as the crisis of the Premier League start, but the fact remains: Martinelli has Saka and Pepe above him in the pecking order of the wing. Smith Rowe and Odegaard can play where they are needed, while Aubameyang and Lacazette can move from the center. With already comprehensive and stable data and 8​​8 starting potential, he will grow into an excellent offensive player with a fixed playing time.
  • Ryan Cherki -Lyon-worth £7 million-For a slightly cheaper option at only 17 years old, Rayan Cherki is one of the few FIFA players with 5-star skills and 5-star weak feet. With 84 dribbles and 88 starting potentials, Cherki can grow into a talented player who deserves to be a talisman for any team.
  • Ryan Graven Burch -Ajax-worth £33 million-He is worth a lot, but Ryan Gravenberch, who is only 19 years old, has all the conditions to become a Pogba-style all-around midfielder and has undergone some training . Standing at 6 feet 3 inches, you can train his defense to make him an insurmountable wall, or rely on his already good dribbling and passing to shape him into an unstoppable attacking midfielder.
  • Jurien Wood -Ajax-worth £11.5 million-Gravenberch’s Ajax teammate Jurrien Timber is an interesting player. He is listed as a CB and has excellent data. However, at 179 cm-about 5 feet 9 inches-you may find that he lost too many headers in the danger zone, despite his good jump data, 82. This makes him the main goal reserved for RB or CDM, where you can take advantage of his decent passing and dribbling without exposing his weaknesses.
  • Leonidas Stegio -FC St. Gallen-worth £2.5 million-Although the 67-year-old has a low total starting point score, Stergiou is another small central defender with a jump data of 86 points. He is a very cheap option, allowing him to quickly grow into a top performer on a wide range of teams, with 86 starting potential.
  • Daniel Braganka -Sports-worth £12.5 million-A lively, technically gifted all-rounder, not the most powerful choice in FIFA 22, but makes up for his lack of power in terms of speed, good touch and passing acuity . Being able to play in CM, CAM and even deeper CDM, you can use Braganca’s 84/85 potential to focus on improving his sharp passing or perfecting his solid defense.
  • Martin Van der Water -Genk-worth £4.3 million-If you are looking for a cheap goalkeeper with high potential, it will be difficult to surpass Maarten Vandevoordt, whether it is a bench or a save on Road to Glory. With 87 starting potential and affordable fees, he meets almost all the conditions.