FIFA 22’s first major patch has been released, this is a big patch

EA Sports released a fairly large patch FIFA 22, In fact so big, we just want to review some highlights with you.

In Title Update 1, you will find that some changes have been made to FIFA Ultimate Team, such as the updated Division Rivals Progress. Now when opening or previewing the package with the striker item, the strike animation will be a little later, and you can now see Tifos in the game. In the stadium during the timeout, etc.

The problem with Ultimate Team has also been resolved. These include the FUT Champions Play-Offs post-match screen, FUT Hero Joe Cole’s player items, the Division Rivals main menu window, and the playoff rewards screen. This is just a taste, because the repair list is very long.

In terms of gameplay, the goalkeeper has undergone major changes in the form of weakening. Obviously, their work is a bit too good, and now they are no longer as effective when shooting from the top corner of the penalty area. This is particularly suitable for shooting within a goalkeeper’s 37-foot/11.27-meter range.

Speaking of goalkeepers, if you want to know which goalkeepers should be checked in in career mode, we have the answer for you.

With the weakening of the goalkeeper, the athletes have also developed some love for the new animation. This happens when the goalkeeper tries to save a highly skilled shot. According to the instructions, this change aims to provide a more realistic goalkeeper response and slightly improve the goalkeeper’s efficiency in saving such shots.

Other gameplay changes include increasing the frequency of the player’s control slider in contact with the moving ball, updating the defensive logic of players near the center line when defending a counterattack, expanding the area where the marking line can be placed when free kicks, and the player lock will now be in cooperative mode The game was cancelled after a locked player passed the ball or after their teammate passed the ball to a different player, and various changes to improve referee logic examples were applied.

The fix list includes that false shooting requests will no longer result in passing, players with skill movement ratings between 1 and 3 will now perform bridge skill moves when requesting skilled bridge skill moves, and hair will no longer appear blurry and replay in the game. After catching the ball near the goal line and then landing, the goalkeeper will no longer slide on the court, and more goalkeeper fixes have been applied.

The career mode now has a player growth button marked on the upgrade screen. On the team selection screen of the player’s career, the board expects part of it has been replaced by the team formation.

Other professional mode issues have been fixed, including chessboard goals no longer conflicting with each other, stadiums in simulated player professions will no longer have a large number of performance warnings, the number of teams that can participate in the Polish Cup has been adjusted, the start of A-League and Turkish Premier League This has been corrected, and random boots are now provided for players and youth players generated by creating your club, and the team has resolved some training exercises that showed incorrect descriptions.

With Volta Football, the arcade tournament will now start with at least two human players, the maximum time that a match search can last has been increased, Driven Lob has been removed from Foot Tennis, and some text lines have been updated throughout the UI. Once the game invitation is accepted , The lobby will no longer need to be loaded forever, the goal celebration can no longer be skipped, and the avatar will no longer be stuck near the edge of the playing field in the Disco Lava Volta Aracde party game.

Other issues have been resolved through Pro Clubs, Kick-Off, audio, video and general repairs.

You can have a look The full patch notes are here.

Game update one is now available on Origin and Steam and on PC via Stadia. It will be released for console use later.