FIFA season starts early as May PS Plus lineup leaks

May’s free lineup is on schedule PlayStation Plus The game has been leaked. This has been the case many times over the past few months, and this time the information comes from the same reliable source.

According to the French trading website Trading Lab, PlayStation Plus members will subscribe to three games over the next month. The list consists of FIFA 22 for PS4 and PS5, Tribes of Midgard for PS4 and PS5, and Curse of Reaper on PS4 (although playable on PS5).

FIFA 22 Needs no introduction, apparently the most well-known of the three games. However, EA’s sports games are released every year, and we’re probably weeks away from FIFA 23’s release (won’t actually call it that), so it’s not the best value.

Midgard Tribe is a solid co-op survival game that caused a stir when it launched last year, although many lamented its erroneous launch. However, it has improved significantly since then, and the game’s developers are gearing up to roll out new content, so now might just be a good time to jump in.

Death’s curse is another solid, albeit understated addition. It’s a roguelike lightweight, top-down action RPG with exciting action, new progression in and out of levels, and an easy-to-watch aesthetic.

When it entered Steam Early Access in 2020, I spent a lot of time with it, and was particularly obsessed with its combat and unique progression mechanics.

We’re expecting Sony to officially announce the May PlayStation Plus lineup tomorrow or this weekend at the latest. However, from the sources’ records, it’s safe to assume these are the games we’re going to get.