Fight with your friends with these four Roblox-inspired Nerf Blasters

Roblox is a virtual world building platform that can stimulate the imagination of millions of children and adults around the world. Using the same avatar with friends to jump into thousands of interesting and unique games in various experiences has never been easier. For the most ambitious players, you can even download Roblox Studio and make your own games to share with friends or the world.

The best part of Roblox is that it is completely free on PC, mobile devices and Xbox, so nothing can stop you from continuing to play some games. To be honest, the metaverse has arrived, and its inhabitants have brains.

Any parent of a child 15 years of age or younger is undoubtedly familiar with Roblox’s digital frontier. Naturally, it makes sense for the people behind one of the world’s most popular video games to collaborate with the people behind one of the world’s most popular toy brands.

When you virtually turn your ideas into reality in Roblox, you can actually hold and use real Nerf guns based on the Roblox world you already know and love. For this line, Hasbro created a unique shock wave based on the iconic Roblox game.

Nerf Roblox MM2: Shark Seeker Blaster
First is MM2: Shark Seeker Blaster. This Nerf product is based on the popular Roblox game, Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) It allows players to confront each other in intense social experiments to uncover the murderer in a sea of ​​strangers-similar to another popular video game among us.

Some players are marked as “innocents” who must hide and survive during the game, while another person is marked as a “sheriff” who can kill the murderer before any innocent is taken away. This is an ingenious game that involves a lot of tricks.

Due to its stylish and original design, Shark Seeker Blaster is a great toy. After loading the dart into the barrel, you can crush the fin placed on the top to base the blaster and feel a satisfying click when you shoot. Each shock wave comes with three Nerf Mega darts, so you should have enough ammunition to stop your friends and keep them vigilant before they need to be reloaded.

Nerf Roblox adopt me! :Bee!Shock wave
The next one is bees! Blaster, based on the very popular Adopt me! Roblox game, Roblox players around the world have played more than 26 billion times. In the game, players can adopt cute animals, decorate their houses, and hang out with friends online in a simulated world without the pressure and responsibility of real life.

The shock wave based on this game is stylized to look like it has just been immersed in an oozing honeycomb dripping with honey. The orange honey mold on the top is soaked in a sense of beauty, which really enhances the style of this Nerf shock wave.

If the visual attention to detail is not enough to sell to you, bee! Blaster is ready to fight for anyone who wants to offload some powerful firepower. Using the 8-dart rotating drum, you can shoot enough darts to knock down the entire team of friends without having to stop and reload. You just need to move the joystick before each shot to spin the drum and prepare for the next shot.

Nerf Roblox Ordnance Pulse Laser Electric Shockwave
Now, if you are more willing to kick it into old school and give your child a Nerf shockwave from one of the most popular traditional first-person shooters on Roblox, then Pulse Laser Motorized Blazer is your best choice , It is based on the hugely popular Roblox game, arsenal.

Many Roblox games are based on role-playing or simulation, but Arsenal is just a direct fragmentation event, reminiscent of the glorious years of classic first-person shooters on the PC. This is a fast, fanatical and fun gameplay, without all blood and violence. In fact, this is a bit like a virtual Nerf shock wave battle, without having to clean up all the darts afterwards. This is a win-win situation!

The pulsed laser electric blaster takes things to the next level by including a detachable 10-dart clip that fits into the bottom of the blaster. With its mobility, you need to provide your own set of four AA batteries to get the full effect. The fast delivery system means you can fire all 10 darts in quick succession before you need to reload.

Nerf Roblox Prison Break: Armory Shockwave Set
The last Roblox Nerf project to be discussed here is the Armory Blaster Set, which of course is based on the super popular Roblox game. prison Break. This is an award-winning Roblox game that has established large partnerships and licensing agreements in the game, such as the upcoming event with NASCAR. This is definitely one that your child (and/or you) may already be very familiar with.

In a prison break, the player can be a policeman or a criminal, trying to prevent or plan a robbery, depending on the role you are assigned. For the past five years, developers have been adding new content to the game, updating existing parts of the game, and keeping it as fresh as possible.

Unlike the other blasting guns on this list, the Armory blasting gun set is actually two one-handed blasting guns in a neat package. These blasters have a chamber that can be loaded with a single dart at a time, and is equipped with a hammer action rod on the back before each shot. Just load the darts, pull down the starting hammer, and pull the trigger. The armory set includes two blasters and 10 official Nerf Elite darts, so you have enough ammunition to use. Or, you can share with friends, split the darts, and recreate a jailbreak game in your backyard.

No matter what type of action you are looking for, whether it is a handheld single-shot blasting gun or an automatic motorized gun with a large number of darts, the new Roblox-themed Nerf blasting gun series can meet your needs.

As a nice bonus, you can even get a special redemption code that can be used to obtain in-game items in Roblox, which are included in every shock wave mentioned here! Now fill your blasting gun with Nerf darts, aim, find cover, and have fun!

Note: All Nerf blasters and darts have been tested and approved for performance, safety and quality. All the toys shown here can be used indoors or outdoors for children 8 years and older. To avoid eye injury, please do not aim at your face. It is recommended to wear protective glasses (not included). Small parts can be a choking hazard, so always keep children under 3 years out of reach.