Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker “fixed” its exquisite low poly grape

The first post-expansion patch for “Final Fantasy 14: Terminator” was released today, adding a new eight-person team copy and various adjustments and adjustments. When I took a peek at the patch notes, I found something unexpected: Square Enix fixed the damn grape.

If you miss it, the Final Fantasy 14 community will briefly indulge in these low-poly grapes found in the maze, which is one of the expanded new areas you can visit. Some people think grapes are an atrocity, while others (including our own Taylor Corp) think they are great. I’m on Taylor’s side—they are beautiful, blocky, unique polygonal bundles.

However, it seems that all the memes and tweets are enough to attract Square Enix’s attention, because the new patch makes them less thick. Their level of detail is not as good as the infamous 1.0 pots, but their scenes are no longer so harsh. The patch notes are bold enough to call low-poly grapes a problem, claiming that they are “excessively reduced to reduce system memory usage in this area”, but I think if they exist without them they probably won’t change and soon become a joke in the community. .

(Image source: Square Enix)

Their lost rudeness is being mourned Twitter and Redd, This really just shows how quickly players can become attached to the stupidest things, even if they have been urinating for the past two weeks. I am very sad that they also left, but we will always remember OG-you can polish the grape crystal, but it is still grape crystal after all.