Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker patch 6.05 Live, patch notes announced

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker was just released last month. Although players are still working hard to complete the latest expansion of the MMO, unfortunately it was hindered by many server congestion issues at the time of release. The new 6.05 patch is now online.

As “Final Fantasy XIV” players know, a patch like 6.05 is more than just a patch-it is full of new things for players to do and get.Quickly scroll through huge lists Patch notes Facts have also proved this, because the new update has various new features, such as the new version of the raid, treasure dungeon, new followers and mounts, of course, there are some fixes and improvements.

Perhaps the most exciting is the new treasure hunt dungeon The Excitatron 6000.

“Excitatron 6000 is a special instance similar to the Lyhe Ghiah dungeon, which can be accessed after finding and opening the treasure chest obtained from the kumbhiraskin treasure map,” the patch notes read. “Here, players will have the opportunity to try their luck and get priceless treasures.”

Another exciting addition is the Savage version of Pandaemonium Assault Dungeon, also known as Pandaemonium: Asphodelos (Savage). Players can register to enter this new dungeon experience through their Raid Finder, but you must be a level 90 war disciple or wizard, and you are not allowed to do two or more of the same work in the group.

To enter the dungeon, “The player must talk to Nemjiji in the maze (X:8.4, Y:27.4) with a level 90 war or magic disciple after completing the “Who guards the guards” mission.” Completing a brutal assault will reward an Asphodelos safe. It becomes a gear.

For more details about this savage raid or the new treasure dungeon, Be sure to check the complete patch notes list.

Other new additions in the 6.05 patch include new items, recipes, master recipes, mounts, followers, achievements and titles, and music.Dozens of work-based adjustments have also been made to actions and features, and you can view the complete list of these changes here.

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