Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Review

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What is it? The latest expansion of MMO ends a long-running storyline.

Expect to pay 30 GBP/40 USD

Developer Square Enix

Publisher Square Enix

release date Come out now

Review date AMD Ryzen 7 1700X, Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super, 32GB RAM

multiplayer game? Yes

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For “Final Fantasy 14: Terminator”, the word “expansion” feels too small. Not only is it a full-length JRPG that takes at least 50 hours to pass, but it is also the culmination of a storyline that has been running for more than 10 years. I and millions of other players have been following this story update and expansion. It is not just an add-on, it feels more like the last book in a long-term fantasy series.

So, to solve the big problem-yes, Endwalker is a wonderful gift to the Hydaelyn/Zodiark legend (two ancient creatures locked in a conflict of light and darkness involving many crystals-fans of Final Fantasy know the exercise), It celebrates all this before; yes, it opens the door to the new adventure we know is taking place.

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However, when tying things up, things get a little messy. Although its running time is about the same as the previous massive expansion, it feels like there are more stories than usual, good or bad. When your heroes and the descendants of the Seventh Dawn fight to overcome the “last days” of the end of the world, they deal with various seemingly climatic threats and dispatch a bunch of villains while swiftly moving between distant areas Move (you go to the moon, after all). It almost feels like this plot can be thrown in two or three expansions.

The things here may be rich, but not always strong. The moments that occurred in the ruins of the suddenly turbulent Garlemald-the empire has been hunting down our Eorzean friends for some time-are unforgettable, but insignificant. The once powerful empire is now in ruins, filled with distressed people, citizens caught in cruel supernatural disasters, but it has not received the attention it deserves. The same is true for the vibrant and colorful Thavnair, which is the first time we have visited a South Asian style land here. When the fiery plague begins to sweep the earth, first on the cutting board, it seeps into small tragedies, giving the MMO some of the toughest moments to fight. In the lush jungle and ancient ruins, only a few characters can speak and draw well enough. I hope I can learn more about them, but there is just not enough time to shine in this ambitious career.

(Image source: Square Enix)

Rather than making it feel like an anthology, it eventually introduces problems, such as the lack of any really clear villains (about two-thirds of the real ultimate boss we met for the first time), and the sudden emergence of narrative conceit to guide you Briskly cross the roller coaster, and then wrap yourself up. It may be fun, but the roller coaster is still on the track. It’s a pity, because small moments are great. Those who have played from the beginning will clenched their fists, because even a relatively small character will shine for a while-even if it feels like it has three separate “and my axe” moments, allies blink and nod.