Final Fantasy 14 exceeds 24 million players

Final Fantasy 14 Director Naoki Yoshida revealed that the popular MMO has surpassed the 24 million player mark, making it the most profitable game in the Final Fantasy series.and Terminator, The next expansion will be released soon, and this number seems to continue to rise.

At a press conference Preview event For Endwalker, Yoshida showed the player’s steady development in the game’s life cycle, starting from 4 million at the time of A Realm Reborn’s release, restarting the game, and changing its fate after an extremely difficult initial release. By the time the third expansion “Blood of the Storm” came out, it had reached 10 million. In the next four years, this number has doubled, and now, with the release of Endwalker imminent, Final Fantasy 14 has reached the latest milestone of 24 million.

“I might say that it is not appropriate, but as far as our business is concerned, we have achieved great success. Looking ahead, we will spare no effort to invest to ensure that this game continues to be enjoyed by our gamers,” Yoshida Say.

At this point, the team should be proud because they are all part of bringing the game back from the edge and making it one of the premier MMOs on the market. Considering the success of “Shadowbringer”, Endwalker has high hopes. Judging from our preview, the latest expansion looks to meet or even exceed those lofty hopes. Since the game is released on PS5, it can reach more people.

“Final Fantasy 14: Terminator” will be released on PC, PS4 and PS5 on November 23.