“Final Fantasy 14” is once again popular and has been temporarily removed

With players bathing in the glory of Endwalker, “Final Fantasy 14” is in its golden age, and it has proven to be a very popular game throughout the year. Some serious server problems followed, especially after the release of Endwalker, many people either lined up or couldn’t play the game directly.

This is not Square Enix’s first rodeo, it has become an option deployed in the past, and the entry and full versions of Final Fantasy 14 have been temporarily removed from sales. It is worth noting that it also tried to suspend the delivery of the physical version of the game.

“Because the intensity of game time far exceeds our server capacity, especially during peak hours, players are currently experiencing extremely long waiting times, so we decided to temporarily stop the sale and delivery of FINAL FANTASY XIV Starter Edition and Complete.” Yoshida Naoki wrote, Game producer. “In addition, although there are active subscribers who log in first, players who play the free trial cannot log in outside of late night and early morning, so we will temporarily suspend the new registration of the free trial.”

(Image source: Twitch)

Square Enix will also stop advertising for the game for an indefinite period of time.