Final Fantasy 14 suspends all sales, free trial

Naoki Yoshida, director and producer Final Fantasy 14,enter the game Official blog Announced that the company will suspend all sales of the popular MMO and new free trials until Square Enix can better handle the server situation.

Since the launch of Endwalker, the latest expansion of the game, it has been plagued by terrible long lines, even unable to enter the game, and the server is always full of people. In a way, this is great for Square Enix, because this game has never been so popular. But at some point, congestion hindered the development of MMOs, especially those that are becoming more and more popular.

“We apologize for the congestion that has been occurring since Early Access and the official launch of Endwalker,” Yoshida said. “It’s been nearly two weeks since the early access started, and players are still experiencing serious congestion.” Regarding the suspension of sales and trials: “Because the intensity of game time far exceeds our server capacity, especially during peak hours, players are currently After an extremely long waiting time, we decided to temporarily suspend sales and the delivery of the FINAL FANTASY XIV entry and full version. In addition, although active subscribers have priority to log in, free trial players cannot log in late at night and early in the morning, so we also New registrations for the free trial will be temporarily suspended.”

The crowding is regrettable, because Endwalker is a fantastic expansion in every way, and continues the incredible popularity and critically acclaimed craze of Final Fantasy XIV. Although the door is still open, potential avenues for new players still exist, but now the company faces bigger problems. No matter how you cut, new players can’t get in, which is terrible. Let us hope that this move will ease the congestion, and the game will soon open its doors to new players again.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available for PS4, PS5 and PC. Endwalker is also available now.