Final Fantasy 14: Terminator postponed to December 7

Square Enix announced the postponement of the “Final Fantasy 14” expansion pack, Final Fantasy 14: Terminator.

The expansion pack was originally scheduled to be released on November 23, but it will be released on December 7 and will begin early access on December 3.

According to producer and director Naoki Yoshida, the biggest factor behind the delay was his “selfishness” because it was the first major climax of the event to further improve the quality of the expansion (thanks, Kamamatsu).

Yoshida apologized for the delay and said that because Endwalker ended the first major saga, he felt that the team needed to push things to the limit they expected.

“Therefore, we remain firmly determined to adjust to the smallest nuances and make sure that our writing covers the best points of the large and complex story spanning the past 11 years since the original Final Fantasy 14 to ensure that everyone can Fully enjoy their adventure in Endwalker,” Yoshida said. “Unfortunately, as a result of this, we ended up in a situation where we shortened the time required for the final quality assurance check due to the time spent on additional improvements.

“At this rate, we have a greater risk of reaching the release date without ensuring stability as a form of quality. Therefore, I decided to postpone the release at this time.”

The delay will not be too long, only a few weeks, so I hope you will not be too frustrated. To stop you, please be sure to read our preview of epxansion.

Square also announced that it expects the 6.01 patch to be released on December 21, and the 6.05 patch to be released on January 4.

The final count is 24 million players, FF14 can be used for Mac, PC, PS4, PS5 and it possible Come to the Xbox console at some point in the future.