Final Fantasy 14 will have no NFTs, is getting a graphics upgrade

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda has many players gasping for breath when he talks about adding NFTs to Square Enix games, saying the publisher is “looking at the possibility of issuing our own token in the future” despite the fact that On, as he puts it, “some people who ‘have fun’ and currently make up the majority of players have reservations about these new trends”.

Final Fantasy 14 players in particular have been holding their breath waiting to be announced that their beloved MMO will be forced to include something as ugly as a Worms NFT, or potentially intrusive like a Stalker 2 NFT. Well, for those of you having fun, here’s some good news: Game Director Naoki “Yoshi P” Yoshida has confirmed that FF14 won’t have NFTs.