Final Fantasy 14’s house lottery system is broken, but it’s about to be fixed

final fantasy 14 Producer Naoki Yoshida issued an apology for the recent issues with the housing lottery system.

As part of the 6.1 update, Final Fantasy XIV introduced a lottery system for obtaining housing in the Empyreum housing complex. It usually started working, but over the weekend there was a major bug that prevented anyone from actually winning the lottery. Essentially, the number zero is somehow added to the run. No one can claim it, causing everyone to lose, which obviously happens many times.Thankfully, though, the Final Fantasy 14 team aware of the problemeven Yoshida issued an apology about it.

“I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the housing lottery system issue,” Yoshida wrote, continuing to explain the issue. “First of all, we understand that this is a significant issue and are investigating the matter as a priority. We are working to identify the issue in the appropriate procedures; however, due to the complexity of the process and the patterns and conditions involved in the lottery, it will take some time to identify the issue. .”

Yoshida then apologized again on behalf of the team and asked the players to be patient as they resolve the issue. He also noted that the team will be extending the results announcement period, which was scheduled to end this Wednesday (April 20), and will not proceed to the next draw cycle until the situation is resolved.

A specific date for the likely implementation of this fix has not been set.Although Yoshida did write follow up post Explain how the lottery system works, as some players questioned whether the team rigged the lottery results due to the wording of certain sentences. This post doesn’t address the lottery, but if you like the details, they’ll be there for you.