FINAL FANTASY 5 and FINAL FANTASY 6 will withdraw from Steam in late July

By Stephany Nunneley
June 29, 2021 18:49 GMT

PC version FINAL FANTASY 5 And FINAL FANTASY 6 We plan to withdraw from Steam later this month.

Square Enix has posted a notification on both Steam pages Final Fantasy Games each pulled from Steam on July 27th (Thank you, Siriconera).

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Instead, the company is proposing to buy a pixelated remastered version of FINAL FANTASY VI. Therefore, if you need the original port, we recommend that you act now.

The 1-6 pixelated remasters were announced during the E32021 earlier this month through the Square Enix Presents Showcase. No details were provided other than the fact that they were coming, but we know that each of at least six titles will come to both mobile and Steam.

Released individually, each game will undergo a “pixel perfect” makeover. This can mean things like visual improvements.

No release windows were offered other than “soon”, but it shouldn’t be long after FF5 and FF6 were pulled out of the store.

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