Final Fantasy 5 was released in November as part of the Pixel Remake series

Square Enix announced today Final Fantasy 5 As a faithful 2D remake, the upgraded pixel graphics and audio will be released on Steam and mobile platforms on November 10.

The game is starring a young man and his chocobo, and they find themselves attracted by friends who will change their destiny. In the game, Merry began to be slow and stale, which worries the king tycoon. In order to find out what happened, he went to the Temple of Wind, only to see the Crystal of Wind shatter when he arrived.

During this period, the young Bartz witnessed the impact of the meteorite outside the castle and went to investigate. Here, he found the tycoon’s daughter Lenna lying unconscious on the bed. After he rescued her, the two met Garuf, an elderly gentleman with partial amnesia. Lenna told him that she was looking for her father on the way to Wind Shrine, which reminded Galuf of the way he was also going.

Butts parted ways with the two, but met them again when they were attacked by a monster. On the way to the Temple of Wind, the trio contacted the pirate leader Faris, who helped the trio reach the temple, where they found the broken crystal—and there was no trace of the king.

We will not go into the details of this story here. You just need to play it to learn more.

In addition to the interesting story, “Final Fantasy 5” also has a deeply customizable work system, allowing you to freely choose the role of the work you want to master. It has regression classes, such as Black Mage and Thief, and adds other classes to the game, including Mime, Blue, and Time Mages.

The game supports a variety of different game styles and extends the Active Time Battle system that debuted in “Final Fantasy 4”. If you are not familiar with the system, the way it works is that time is the same for both the enemy and the player. With this system, you can see which character is in the battle, thanks to the time meter, or ATB, that has since become the mainstay of the franchise.

Players returning to the series will notice many improvements and updates, such as rearranged soundtracks, improved gameplay, modern user interface, automatic battle options, and more. Some life quality improvements have been added, such as supplementary features such as animal fables, illustration galleries, music players, and the ability to save at any time.

If you decide Pre-order Final Fantasy 5 on Steam, You will receive early purchase rewards, including three specially rearranged music tracks, two wallpapers, and a 20% discount. These special tracks transition from the original version to the new version and can be obtained through advance purchase or through Steam bundles.

During E3 this year, Square Enix Presents showed pixelated remakes of 1-6, each of which can be purchased separately at a price of $11.99 or $17.99, depending on the title.

All six games in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remake series are also available for purchase As part of the bundle Further discounts.